Gotham Knights Court of the Owls Puzzle Solution: What is the Correct Position for the Owl Pieces?

The Court is always watching.

by Elliott Gatica


With the various types of puzzles you have to solve in Gotham Knights, you’ll find some that will feel a lot more complex than others. Once you have some leads on the location of the Court of Owls, you’ll come across a puzzle that will bar you from entry, but we have the solution. Here’s how you can solve this Owl puzzle to move forward with the story.

Court of the Owls Puzzle Solution in Gotham Knights

Once you make your way past the initial stealth sections, there will be a big room with a giant projector and four owl pieces. These pieces can be rotated on the mechanisms they lay on. Here, you have to spin the pieces in the right order to essentially create a shadow puppet of an owl.

Luckily, you aren’t on a time crunch or anything, so it’s similar to previous puzzles and cases like the Biodecryption Key. However, if mixing and matching the combinations is a bit of a drag for you, use our screenshot to see the shape you have to make. This combination worked when the owl pointed to the right. At this time, we cannot confirm if it works when facing left.


Just to be safe, use this.

Upon making this, the way forward will be clear, and you will be that much closer to finding out who the person leading this group really is. Everything else following this chapter will be pretty straightforward, although you should scour the area for chests. These chests do contain materials needed to craft gear in the game, and they are missable.

Other than that, make sure to also complete as many bonus objectives as you can per encounter. You’ll gain additional resources and gain XP at a faster rate, allowing for additional customization and power over your future enemies.

Gotham Knights is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

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