Gotham Knights: What is Langstrom’s Passcode?

Connecting the dots, one sticky note at a time.

by Rob Sperduto


Gotham Knights is filled with complex puzzles and players encounter the first challenge during the tutorial in Langstrom’s lab. This puzzle requires some detective skills where players must match the correct items together. If you’re scratching your head wondering what Langstrom’s Passcode is in Gotham Knights, here’s how to solve it.

Gotham Knights: How to Open Langstrom’s Hidden Room

In short, Langstrom’s passcode is 127, as found on the Sticky Note. Players must connect the Sticky Note to the Microwave in order to solve this puzzle. To do this, hover over the Sticky Note and press the Mark button. Then, drag the cursor to the Microwave and mark this object. After that, press the Solve button. Connecting these two items together will solve the puzzle.

In total there are six items to sleuth through with various passcodes: the Thermostat, Gray Ghost poster, Calendar, Tablet, Sticky Note, and Microwave. Despite some items seemingly pairing with one another — the Calendar to the Tablet, the Grey Ghost poster to the Thermostat — only one combination works: the Sticky Note to the Microwave.

If players attempt to connect the Grey Ghost/Thermostat or the Calendar/Tablet, the player will receive an error. Although the combinations are technically correct, these passcodes were designed to throw you off the trail. So, ignore these combinations entirely.

For reference, the full list of items and their passcodes are as follows:

  • Sticky Note – 127
  • Calendar – 2021
  • Grey Ghost poster – 041192
  • Microwave
  • Tablet
  • Thermostat

So, remember to combine the Sticky Note with the Microwave and you’ll have solved Langstrom’s Passcode in Gotham Knights, which is 127. After solving this puzzle, a secret door will open and you can enter Langstrom’s Hidden Room to continue the tutorial.

Expect to solve many other puzzles in Gotham Knights, like the Biodecryption Key puzzle. Since you’re still early in the game, you want to brush up on how to craft gear and how to solve Premeditated Crimes in Gotham Knights.

Gotham Knights is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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