Grounded – How to Get an Axe

Arm yourself with a trusty chopping tool.

by Diego Perez
Grounded Mysterious Machine Lasers

You’ll need to craft many different tools to survive the backyard in Grounded, but an axe is the first and most important of them all. A chopping tool like an axe will allow you to harvest additional materials that will set you on your way to unlocking and obtaining many more tools, weapons, and items in Grounded. It’s also required to progress through the Mysterious Machine quest in order to unblock one of the lasers. Doubling as both a weapon and a chopping tool, an axe is one of the most useful items in all of Grounded.

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How to Get an Axe in Grounded

To craft an axe in Grounded, you need 3 Sprigs, 2 Pebblets, and 1 Woven Fiber. Acquiring sprigs and pebblets is easy enough. They can be found laying around all over the place. Woven Fiber requires an extra step, as it must be crafted from Plant Fiber, which you can thankfully find on the ground. Once you’ve acquired 3 Plant Fiber, open your inventory and craft 1 Woven Fiber (see our Grounded Woven Fiber guide for more details). With all the materials in hand, open your inventory, navigate to the Crafting tab, and craft a Pebblet Axe.


The Pebblet Axe is the weakest chopping tool in Grounded, but it still gets the job done. It can chop down blades of grass, which is helpful for unlocking one of the Mysterious Machine’s lasers, and it can also cut down just about any other plant in the backyard. Its primary drawback is its durability, but the resources required to build another one are incredibly common. Later in the game, you’ll learn how to create more advanced tools, but your Pebblet Axe should serve you well for now.

- This article was updated on July 29th, 2020

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