Grounded – Toad Swamp Location – Complete Marker at Toad Swamp

An ode to an old classic.

by Diego Perez
Grounded Toad Swamp Location

After getting through the initial set of story missions in Grounded, you’ll meet a robot named BURG.L who serves as your primary mission giver. BURG.L won’t give you any additional story missions, at least not until another story update is released, but for now, he’ll give you a handful of missions to complete every day. Finishing these missions will reward you with Raw Science, an important currency in Grounded that allows you to unlock new items and crafting recipes. Some of these missions tell you to complete a marker at a certain location, but there’s no way to see where the location is on your map unless you’ve already been there. One of these missions asks you to complete a marker at Toad Swamp, which holds a surprising reference to a classic game.

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Grounded Toad Swamp Location

Toad Swamp is located in the southeastern part of the backyard. There’s a giant body of water that makes up most of the southeastern part of the map, but the specific location you’re looking for is in the western part of this swamp. There, you’ll find a giant Battletoad figure sticking out of the water. It can be tough to navigate the huge swamp, so just head to the location pictured on the map below if you’re having trouble finding Toad Swamp.


The marker location is on the Battletoad figure. Head to the highlighted area and construct a Trail Marker to complete the mission. Building the marker will cost you 1 Clover Leaf, 2 Plant Fiber, and 2 Sprigs, but you should be able to find these materials in the surrounding area if you’re short one or two items. After completing the marker, you’ll be done with the mission. The southeastern portion of the backyard is a dangerous place, so make sure to come to Toad Swamp prepared. There are spiders all over the place along with other hostile bugs, so bring appropriate weapons and gear.

- This article was updated on July 31st, 2020

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