Groups in Pokémon BDSP: How to Join and More

Here is what you need to know about groups and how to join them in the Sinnoh remakes.

by Elliott Gatica


There are multiple aspects in Pokemon games where you can link up with other players to take on all sorts of different activities. Back then, it used to just be trading and battles. In Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl, there are quite a few activities you can do to have a synchronized multiplayer experience, like joining Groups. Here is how you can join groups in Pokemon BDSP and more.

What are groups in Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl?

Think of groups like clans, but in Pokemon. If you have partaken in any activity in the game where you can connect online, like the Grand Underground or Union Room, you can join in your own separate and private instance with your group.


You’ll also be synchronized with players in your same group. Like in previous games, you and the people in your group will experience the same events at the same time like Swarms and Pokemon that appear in the Great Marsh. It’s nice so it feels like you’re connected, even when not playing online.

This can be useful to coordinate with a group of people when mining in the Grand Underground. Mining on the same spot can yield higher chances of getting all the identified items in the walls.

How to join groups in Pokémon BDSP


First, make your way to Jubilife City and talk to the Ace Trainer just north of the fountain. He’ll talk to you about groups and how they work. Then you’ll have an option to make one. Do that, and give the group a name. Once you have that established, you can transfer access to the group by mixing records with other players via online or local communication.

After exchanging records, players can join the aforementioned groups by talking to the Ace Trainer by the Jubilife fountain and telling him that they want to join a group. The leader of the group can change the name of the group even after creating it.

Pokemon Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl are out now exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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