GTA Online Best Agency: Which Agency Should You Buy?

Location, location, location.

by Noah Nelson
GTA Online The Contract Agencies

So, you’ve just downloaded GTA Online The Contract and want to know which agency to buy. In this guide, we’ll go over everything you’ll need to know when it comes to agencies like what they are, why you need them, and which one to get.

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GTA Online The Contract is the newest free expansion to the game. It includes a new main mission where Dr. Dre loses his phone which has a bunch of unreleased tracks on it and you need to get it back. All you need to do to begin The Contract expansion is make sure you have the newest version of the game downloaded and then load into the game.

What are Agencies in GTA Online The Contract?

Agencies in GTA Online The Contract are exactly what they sound like. A home away from home, the agencies function as an office where you can get new missions and modify your equipment. Owning an agency in GTA Online The Contract will allow you to not only start the main mission with Dr. Dre but also have access to Security Contracts, the Armory, and Vehicle Workshop.


GTA Online The Contract Best Agency

Right when you jump into the game, you’ll get a call from Lamar which will direct you to Dynasty 8 Executive. There is where you’ll pick an agency. The website is found under the Money and Services tab of your smartphone. There are 4 agencies in total to purchase:

  • Rockford Hills: GTA$2,415,000
  • Vespucci Canals: GTA$2,145,000
  • Little Seoul: GTA$2,010,000
  • Hawick: GTA$2,830,000

The number one thing to be aware of when picking an agency is location. Since all of the agencies are relatively the same price and the exact same when it comes to the interior, picking the agency that is close to your other businesses is the best way to go.

Best Customizations for Agencies

Agencies also have the added benefit of having tons of customizations. As expected, there are a ton of cosmetic customizations to be added to make the inside of your agency to your liking by making it one of your Accommodations. Aside from that, and having access to various missions, you’ll have the option to add an Armory or a Vehicle Workshop.

The Armory costs GTA$720,000 and gives you access to heist equipment like night vision goggles and rebreathers. Aside from plentiful ammo, The Armory also gives you access to the two new guns in the game: the Compact EMP Launcher and the Stun Gun.

The Vehicle Workshop will cost you GTA$800,000. It acts as a 20 car garage and gifts you with a free Enus Jubilee SUV which is one of the new vehicles. One of the best parts of the Vehicle Workshop is the Imani Tech that allows you to install Remote Control Unit or Missile Lock-On Jammer to your vehicles.

And there you have the best agency in GTA Online The Contract and why to buy one. For more GTA Online content, be sure to follow our guides.

GTA Online is available on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

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