Halls of Torment Item Tier List: Best Items Ranked

Check out what are the best items in Halls of Torment.

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In Halls of Torment, you can make use of a wide array of different items, divided into 5 distinct categories—Footwear, Garments, Gloves, Headwear, Necklaces, and Rings— in order to give your chosen character an edge when in the field. Now, so that you can make sure you are equipped with only the best, here’s a tier list featuring all the items in Halls of Torment.

Halls of Torment Item Tier List

S-Tier Halls of Torment Items

As you might expect, all items featured as part of the S-tier section are the game’s overall best, as each of them is capable of truly being game-chaining no matter your character or map of choice. A feat that they can achieve thanks to their ability to increase your overall damage under set conditions, provide your character with exclusive abilities, massively increase either your or your summon’s stats, or allow you to revive, among much more.

As a piece of advice, remember, as the Revive items don’t offer boosts to your character, we advise you to swap them in when you notice you are going to die or when in do-or-die situations.

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You can check out all S-Tier items in Halls of Torment below, as well as a short description of their passives.

Item/EquipmentTypePassive Effect
Spike BootsFootwearRegenerates 1 Health per second when standing still.
Pace SetterFootwearWill allow your character to drop 10 Spikes into the ground when hit, each dealing 100 damage and stunning enemies. Has a 4-second cooldown.
Elven SlippersFootwearIncreases your Block value while moving. Although native at 10, the value can be increased (minimally) by enhancing your character’s movement speed.
Blazing ShellGarmentIncreases your Block Strength by 6 while also giving you a 50% chance of triggering Burn on enemies who touch you.
Hunter’s GarbGarmentIncreases your damage by 4% (to a max of 40%) for each second you stay still. The value will steadily decrease if you move.
Shadow CloakGarmentAllows you to spawn a shadow, which both deals damage and increases your Block value.
Fencer GauntletsGloveProvides 6 Block Strength. While equipped with the item, you will have a 50% chance of retaliating after performing a Block. The retaliation strike is guaranteed to CRIT.
Invocator’s GraspGloveIncreases your Summon Spawn, Duration, and Damage by 40, 40, and 20% respectivelly.
Wind CrownHeadwearIncreases your Attack Speed by 1% per enemy defeated (can stack up to 50 times). The effects of the item last for 5 seconds if not refreshed.
Fighter’s HeadbandHeadwearAllows you to regenerate 1% of your health per second after defeating a boss during a run. Duration: 60 seconds.
Collar of ConfidenceNecklaceIncreases your overall damage by 5% for each enemy within your pickup range (maximum of 50%).
Jade AmuletNecklaceIncreases the EXP gained by your character by 50%.
Ring of FireRingMakes your main weapon deal Fire damage. Each hit will also have a 15% native change of applying Burn on targets.
Wooden RingRingIncreases your Crit Chance by 10%.
Seal of RebirthRingIf you are killed while wearing the ring, it will break and bring you back to life with 50% HP.
Ruby CircletRingIncreases your overall damage by 4% for each enemy affected by Burn (max 60%).

A-Tier Halls of Torment Items

In the A-Tier we have items that, although great in their own right given the ability to either offer a good increase in your main stats like the Copper Ring or some great build-focused passives like the Ring of Thunder, can only showcase their full potential on very specific builds. You can check out all A-Tier items in Halls of Torment below, as well as a short description of their passives.

Item/EquipmentTypePassive Effect
Runner ShoesFootwearIncreases your Movement Speed by 15%.
Electrostatic TreadsFootwearAllows you to generate energy by moving. Once the energy level is maxed, you will then deal electric damage in an AoE while also stunning enemies.
Firewalker BootsFootwearAllows you to generate a trail of fire every time your move. The trial will then deal damage based on your overall Fire Damage total. Has a low chance of triggering Burn.
Plate ArmorGarmentIncreases your Block value by 6.
Quickhand GlovesGloveProvides you with a 20% increase in Attack Speed.
HelmetHeadwearIncreases your defense and block strength by 3.
Scars of ToilNecklaceIncreases your overall damage by 0.07% for each health point below your maximum value.
Copper RingRingIncreases your CRIT Damage value by 40%.
Pest RingRingAllows you to summon 2 rats every 2 seconds. they will then bite up to 10 enemies each and apply debuffs on them.
Echoing BandRingEvery Physical Attack performed while wearing the ring will have a 20% chance of triggering another hit, this time dealing 40% of the first attack’s damage.
Ring of ThunderRingTurns your main weapon’s damage into electric. Each of your main attacks will now have a 15% native chance of electrifying enemies upon hit.
Longfinger GlovesGloveIncreases your pick-up range by 80%.
Duelist’s SparkNecklaceIncreases your damage by 50%. The bonus decreases by 5% for each enemy within your pick-up range.
Hunting GlovesGloveIncreases your Additional Strike value by 30%. The value dictates the probability of performing an extra attack with your main weapon immediately after each standard one.

B-Tier Halls of Torment Items

In the B-tier, we have items that are either featured as part of niche builds or those who although able to pack a punch, fail to have the same impact as those featured in the above tiers. for a multitude of reasons.

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You can check out all A-Tier items in Halls of Torment below, as well as a short description of their passives.

Item/EquipmentTypePassive Effect
Plated BootsFootwearIncreases your Defense by 3.
Bogged BootsFootwearWill allow you to leave a trail every time you move. The trail will then slow all enemies who walk past it and last for either 10 seconds or after a set number of enemies walk over it.
Defiant PlateGarmentProvides 3 Defense for 5 seconds after being hit. Stacks to a maximum of 30.
Blood-Soaked ShirtGarmentYou have a 3% chance of recovering 1 HP after killing an enemy.
Spellcaster GlovesGloveAfter not using attacking for 2 seconds, your ability damage will periodically increase.
Sparking TipsGloveAllows you to deal AoE fire projectile damage after hitting a burning enemy with a physical attack.
Thunder CrownHeadwearAllows you to trigger a follow-up attack dealing 100 Thunder damage after hitting an electrified enemy with a magical attack.
War HornsHeadwearPerforms a war cry every 5 seconds, which will awaken enemies within its range for 5 seconds while also adding three stacks of Fragile to all enemies affected.
Blood CatcherNecklaceAllows you to regenerate 1 Health each time you deal 100 times your overall health value in damage during a run.
Maiden’s TearNecklaceAllows you to regenerate 10% of your health instead of suffering damage once every 90 seconds.
Guiding StarRingIncreases your movement speed by 40% but decreases your ATK Speed by 30% when moving. Increases your ATK Speed by 40% in the cost of decreasing your Movement Speed by 30% while attacking.
Iron RingRingIncreases your base ATK by 10.
Necromancers ClutchRingAllows you to summon one skeleton of any kind per 15 seconds. You can summon up to 5 of them at once.
ThornfistsGloveAllows you to deal a guaranteed crit hit to an enemy who had just struck you.

C-Tier Halls of Torment Items

As the lowest tier items in the game, those featured in the C-Tier category are by all extensions only recommend for those just starting their journey throughout the game. Overall, they will offer in most cases truly basic effects, which will either become indifferent through the run or lack any impact after you unlock better options. Most of the items featured in this tier are starter items.

You can check out all C-Tier items in Halls of Torment below, as well as a short description of their passives.

Item/EquipmentTypePassive Effect
Plated BootsFootwearIncreases your Defense by 3.
Chain MailGarmentIncreases your Health by 10% and your defense by 3.
Hood HeadwearIncreases your health by 12% and your defense by 2.
Demonic BondRingAllows you to summon one imp per 5 seconds. You can summon up to 5 of them at once.

This guide was made while playing Halls of Torment on PC and will be updated as new items debut or as we discover new items within the game.

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2023

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