How to Unlock All Characters in Halls of Torment

Are you trying to unlock every Halls of Torment Character?

by Gordon Bicker
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Halls of Torment has brilliant replayability value and unlocking new characters is a major factor for this, so you will likely want to unlock them as fast as possible. Whether you are looking to add an Archer to your ranks or even a Sorceress, the options are there for you. This article will take you through how to unlock every character in Halls of Torment.

Method to Unlock Every Hero in Halls of Torment

There are currently seven characters in total for you to play and — similar to Vampire Survivors — you will need to complete tasks in the game to unlock certain characters. I have created a table below for you which will explain to you the unlock requirement for each character.

CharacterUnlock Requirement
SwordsmanNone, the Swordsman is automatically unlocked from the beginning of the game.
ArcherIn order to unlock the archer you will have to survive for just four minutes in the first stage/area: which you won’t have too much difficulty doing. I recommend just playing it safely to get the four minutes over with easily.
WarlockIn the second stage named “Ember Grounds”, defeat the Wyrm Queen boss near the end of the timer for the stage.
ExterminatorWhile working toward the Warlock’s unlock, you will likely obtain the Exterminator since you have to kill 1000 enemies in one run for Ember Grounds.
ClericThe Cleric can be unlocked in the first stage by defeating The Lich boss.
SorceressYou will have to put in a lot of legwork to actually unlock the Sorceress character since you have to defeat 10,000 enemies in the “Forgotten Viaduct” stage. Out of all of the characters, this will likely be the one that takes you the longest to unlock but you will get them in no time I’m sure!
ShieldmaidenFor this character, you just have to defeat the “Wraith Horseman” boss in the “Forgotten Viaduct” stage so you can pair this task up nicely with the Sorceress unlock process.

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Will New Characters be Added to Halls of Torment?

Yes, new characters will be added to Halls of Torment as has been stated on the official Steam Page mentioning that “an increased number of player characters, stages, quests, and items” are on the way for the full version of the game. Halls of Torment is still currently in Early Access and will be for at least four more months.

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The developers stated that they plan not to have the game in Early Access for longer than six months. This would make an actual release likely around November time of 2023. For the time being you can buy the Early Access and enjoy unlocking all of the existing characters in Halls of Torment.

- This article was updated on July 11th, 2023

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