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Halo Infinite Technical Preview – How to Fix Low Frame Rates on PC

The best fixes we've found to boost frame rate.

by Noah Hunter


If you’re a Halo Insider and received access to Halo Infinite’s Technical Preview, chances are you have been playing quite a bit of Infinite this weekend. However, you might have run into some performance issues on PC. Many people (including us) have found that the PC version of the Technical Preview is incredibly taxing on even the highest caliber of builds, with some 3000 series cards struggling to run at 60fps. Here are all of the known methods to improve the performance of Halo Infinite’s build. It should be noted that these were done on a PC with a Ryzen 2700X and NVIDIA RTX 2060 Super, running Halo Infinite on a 1440p 144hz monitor.

Halo Support tweeted about the issue, stating “Players in the Technical Preview with high-end GPUs but poor performance: please check your framerate settings and make sure they’re set to Minimum Frame Rate to 30 (or higher) and Maximum Frame Rate to native refresh rate (usually 60). This may result in a dramatic improvement.” While this did not work for us, many have reported it did indeed improve performance. The first method that improved performance on our end was turning Latency Mode to Ultra in the Nvidia Control Panel. This seemed to improve performance by massive amounts, with us seeing a bump in frame rate. Tom Warren from The Verge reported that setting your minimum and maximum frame rate as the same improved his performance by over 50 frames per second, and this method gave us a 20 frames per second bump, which drastically improved gameplay. This was the first time we were able to run the game at 1440p60 Ultra smoothly but still was not as consistent as we would have liked, fluctuating extremely often.

Of course, if all fails players can always lower down the settings to compensate for frame rate, as almost all of the time performance triumphs visuals. We found Halo Infinite most enjoyable in this build by lowering the resolution and settings much lower than normal, which gave us a steady frame rate ranging from 80-100fps. This was much more enjoyable than the constantly moving 1440p Ultra settings and gave us a chance to actually enjoy the game and not worry about performance. This is not ideal at all though, and it is a shame this build was not optimized as we would have liked.

These issues are bound to happen with technical previews like this, and with Infinite able to run at 120fps across Xbox Series X|S, PC players should have no fear that the game will run phenomenal at launch once the main build has been optimized and released. For all of the latest information on how to install the Techincal Preview and more, check out our guide.

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