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Halo Reach – How to Splatter with a Forklift

Gravity hammers make earning the Workers' Compensation achievement much easier.

by Diego Perez


If you’ve been achievement hunting your way through Halo Reach since it recently hit the Master Chief Collection on both Xbox One and PC, then you’ve no doubt come across an achievement called Workers’ Compensation, which requires you to splatter another player with a forklift. As you can imagine, getting a splatter with a forklift is pretty difficult, but there’s an easy way to cheese it so you can get the gamerscore from the achievement as well as the sweet forklift nameplate in multiplayer.

How to Splatter with a Forklift in Halo Reach

In order to get an easy forklift splatter, you’re going to want to set up a custom firefight match. Select the Courtyard level, there are some forklifts there. Set the game type to Gruntpocalypse. In options, go to the Spartan settings and then to Base Traits. Form there, choose Weapons and Damage. Here, you’ll need to set your primary weapon to a Gravity Hammer and turn on infinite ammo. It also won’t hurt to turn on invulnerability under Shields and Health so you won’t have to worry about dying.

Before you start, make sure you’re playing Gruntpocalypse with a Gravity Hammer that has infinite ammo. Once you’ve correctly set up the firefight, start the game and find a forklift. Ideally, you’re supposed to drive the forklift into a grunt and kill them that way, but that’s still too much work. What you’re going to do is essentially play the world’s deadliest game of baseball with your Gravity Hammer and a forklift. Use the Gravity Hammer to launch the forklift in the direction of some grunts. If it kills one, it counts as a splatter, and you’ll get the Workers’ Compensation achievement in Halo Reach.

To recap, here are all the steps to get a forklift splatter in Halo Reach:

  1. Set up a custom firefight match
  2. Set the game type to Gruntpocalypse
  3. Set your primary weapon to Gravity Hammer
  4. Turn on infinite ammo and invulnerability
  5. Start the match
  6. Use the Gravity Hammer to launch a forklift into a grunt

Enjoy your achievement and nameplate!

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