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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – How to Add Friends

Make some wizard and witch friends

by Kyle Hanson


Mobile games aren’t always about interacting with your friends, but with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite it can only be more fun with friends tagging along. Of course, you need to add them to your profile in the game, and its tutorials don’t necessarily direct you to this important feature. To help, here’s how to add friends in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

How to Add Friends in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

The answer lies near the bottom left of the screen, just above the player profile icon where you choose your Hogwarts House among other things. There you’ll see an icon of two wizards/witches standing next to each other. Tap this to bring up the Friends menu in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite. If you already have some friends added they’ll be listed here. Otherwise, tap Add Friend to be directed to the next step.

Here you will see your friend code at the top. If you have your friend’s code you can manually enter it here, otherwise you probably want to share your own code with them. You can copy it with the specified button or just get it to them however works best for you. Get it entered and you’ll send them a friend request for confirmation. Once they do you are all set.

And that’s how to add friends in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite.

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