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Harry Potter: Wizards Unite – How to Choose Your House and Which to Pick

No Sorting Hat Required

by Kyle Hanson


Every Harry Potter experience, whether it’s watching the movies, reading the books, or playing one of its many games, usually begins with the choosing of your Hogwarts House. Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or the always popular Gryffindor are all available. Many times this decision is forced upon you by the Sorting Hat. But in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite the choice is all yours. Here’s how to choose your House in Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, and which to pick.

The answer lies in your player profile, found in the bottom left of the screen. You’ll see it on the main screen of the game, featuring an image of you wearing your wizard hat. Tap it to bring up the profile page. Here you can do a number of things, such as change your picture or register your wand. You can also choose your Hogwarts House. You can tap this section, which lies to the right about halfway down and immediately decide which house to be sorted into.

All four are available and much like Harry Potter: Wizards Unite’s predecessor Pokemon GO, there isn’t any real gameplay difference between the four. You can pick from Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, or Gryffindor without worrying about locking yourself out of critical gameplay elements. However, you probably want to group up with your friends into the same House, so be sure to coordinate. Of course, this game is much friendlier to those who want to change things around, allowing you to switch Houses later on if you wish.

As far as which Hogwarts House to pick, it’s really up to you. Gryffindor is said to be for courageous wizards and witches. Ravenclaw favors intelligence and creativity. Hufflepuff focuses on loyalty, patience, and hard work. While Slytherin is more attuned to ambition and cunning. Of course these traits don’t really translate into the game so much, so just pick the one you prefer.

- This article was updated on:June 20th, 2019

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