Hello Kitty Island Adventure Rubber Locations: How to Craft a Water Balloon

Here's how to complete the Prank Preparation quest.

by Diego Perez
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Early in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, everyone’s favorite prankster Badtz-Maru will give you a quest called Prank Preparation that requires you to collect pieces of Rubber to craft a Water Balloon. Water Balloons are one of Badtz-Maru’s favorite gifts since they fall into the prank category, so you’ll have to craft them quite often if you want to maximize his friendship level.

However, finding Rubber is no easy feat, especially when you’re just starting your island adventure. It’s easy to find once you know where to look though, so keep reading on for Hello Kitty Island Adventure Rubber locations and tips for finding crafting materials that you may need later down the line.

Where to Find Rubber in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

Rubber is a crafting material, so unlike quest items, it can spawn randomly in multiple places throughout the island. This is different from things like Tuxedosam’s clothing stands, since those have predetermined spawn locations. You can find Rubber as you walk around the island, but finding 3 can take some time. Keep an eye out for small blue and purple balls. Those are the Rubber that you need.

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While Rubber can spawn just about anywhere on the island, there are three locations where it is most likely to appear. The first piece of Rubber I found was in the bushes just west of Chococat’s workbench. The second piece was behind some boxes to the left of Hello Kitty’s kitchen. The third and final piece I found was sitting on the fence on the beach south of Pochaco.

Again, Rubber spawns in various locations all across the island, but crafting material spawn locations themselves are static. That means items will always appear in the same places, but the items in those spots may be different. If you want to get materials easily, you can reset the crafting material spawns by entering and exiting a building. With this method, you can force Rubber to spawn in the above locations with enough patience.

How to Craft a Water Balloon for Badtz-Maru

Once you have all 3 pieces of Rubber, just head to Chococat’s workbench northeast of the plaza and you’ll be able to craft a Water Balloon. Once you’ve made one, visit Badtz-Maru and gift it to him to complete the quest. Badtz-Maru loves prank items, and Water Balloons are some of the only ones that you can find this early in the game. Make sure to stockpile Rubber whenever you see it if you want to level up Badtz-Maru’s friendship fast.

- This article was updated on July 28th, 2023

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