Hello Kitty Island Adventure Clothing Stand Locations: Standing Up Quest Guide

Here is every Clothing Stand Location for the Standing Up Quest in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Hello Kitty Island Adventure is packed with plenty of quests to complete and who could shy away from Tuxedosam asking you to find Clothing Stands for him? I certainly couldn’t but the locations of these stands can take some time to actually find. This article will take you through all of the Clothing Stand locations in Hello Kitty Island Adventure.

All Clothing Stand Locations in Hello Kitty Island Adventure

For the “Standing Up” quest you have to find three Clothing Stands and bring them back to Tuxedosam. Your hunt at first won’t take you too far, but the final two that you need require some extra time to find. Listed below are images with where to visit in order to grab the stands. As usual, to pick the stands up, tap the glove icon.

Clothing Stand Number One — Outside Tuxedosam’s Shop

  • Clothing-Stand-Number-One
  • Clothing-Stand-Number-One-on-Map

When you start the quest, you will find the first Clothing Stand directly outside the shop. You likely wouldn’t have used the guide to find this first stand, so congratulations on finding your very first Clothing Stand on the island!

Clothing Stand Number Two — At the Back Left Path

  • Clothing-Stand-Number-Two
  • Clothing-Stand-Number-Two-on-Map

For the second stand, follow the path up which is on the right side of the shop. Stick close to the left of the path and you will find the next Clothing Stand on a grassy area next to a shack. If you are following the path up as recommended, you will notice this stand on your way up easily.

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Clothing Stand Number Three — On Top of a Small Hill

  • Clothing-Stand-Number-Three
  • Clothing-Stand-Number-Three-on-Map

I spent about ten minutes trying to track this Clothing Stand down and it was actually found very close to the second Clothing Stand. At the area where the ground raises and makes a hill, keep jumping up and climb the rocks. On top of the hill is a Clothing Stand laying there for you to pick up. Now that you have the three you needed, you can head back to Tuxedosam.

What Are the Clothing Stands for in Hello Kitty Island Adventure?

After you give the Clothing Stands to Tuxedosam, they just are placed in the center of the shop. They are more for decorative purposes than anything else but there are clothes displayed on the stands. It is definitely a nice addition to the shop so it is worth the time you took to go and find them.

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Now that you know where all of the Clothing Stands are in Hello Kitty Island Adventure, you can happily go and collect them for Tuxedosam to spruce up his shop.

- This article was updated on July 28th, 2023

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