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Hitman 3: Dartmoor Murder Mystery Guide – All Clues and Suspects

Who killed Zachary?

by Diego Perez


There’s been a murder in the Dartmoor level of Hitman 3, and it’s up to Agent 47 to solve this mystery. This murder mystery is at the center of a Mission Story called Means, Motive, and Opportunity, and it actually makes your real mission of eliminating Alexa Carlisle and retrieving the Case File much easier if you complete it. She can even hand the file directly over to you without a fight if you play your cards right. Here’s how to solve the Dartmoor murder mystery in Hitman 3.

How to Start the Hitman 3 Murder Mystery

To start the murder mystery, you must first disguise yourself as the Private Investigator that Alexa Carlisle has hired to investigate Zachary’s death. At the start of the mission, he can be found near the front gate of the estate. He’ll make his way through the front door after being patted down by the guards, and then he’ll enter the hallway on the right where you can catch him alone and take his clothes. If you climb into the open window to the right of the front entrance, you can wait for him there.


Once you disguise yourself as the Private Investigator, head to the foyer and speak to Alexa Carlisle. After she explains the situation, speak to Mr. Fernsby the butler and he’ll escort you to Zachary’s room so you can begin your investigation. To recap, here’s how to start the Dartmoor murder mystery in Hitman 3.

  1. Disguise yourself as the Private Investigator.
  2. Speak to Alexa Carlisle in the foyer.
  3. Speak to Mr. Fernsby to start your investigation.
  4. Follow Mr. Fernsby to Zachary’s room.

Once you arrive at Zachary’s room, it’s time to start looking for clues.

Zachary’s Bedroom Clues


There are six clues in total in Zachary’s bedroom

  1. Zachary’s Body
  2. Whisky Glass and Bottle
  3. Zachary’s Suicide Note
  4. Zachary’s Laptop
  5. Secret Room
  6. Mansion Floor Plan

Start off your investigation by scanning Zachary’s body with your Camera. Then, scan the Whisky Glass and Bottle on the nightstand next to him. From there, inspect Zachary’s laptop on a nearby desk and pick up Zachary’s Suicide Note on a table close by. Finally, examine the bookshelf and pull one of the books to reveal a Secret Room. In this secret passage, you can find the Mansion Floor Plan.

Return to Mr. Fernsby

After you’re done in Zachary’s room, it’s time to head back to the butler and ask him for leads. Make your way back down the foyer where your investigation first began. Mr. Fernsby should be waiting there throughout the duration of the mission if you ever need to find him again. Speak to him and ask him for more information to get your next few leads. He suggests you question the family members and investigate their rooms for clues. It’s time to do some exploring.

Emma and Gregory’s Room Clues


Emma and Gregory’s Room is located on Level 1 in the northwest area of the building. The door is locked, so you’ll need to find a way in. There’s a Crowbar just outside the Greenhouse you can use to break the lock and get inside, but you can also climb out the open window nearby and work your way around if you’d rather do things quietly.

There are four clues to find in Emma and Gregory’s Room.

  1. Letter From Emma’s Mother
  2. Greenhouse Key Chain
  3. Bulldog Cane
  4. Shoes and Footprints

All of the evidence is laying out in the open, so it shouldn’t be too hard to find. Just make sure you scan the Shoes and Footprints on the floor with your Camera before you leave.

Secret Room


Before you move onto the next few rooms, there’s a secret stop to make first. From Emma and Gregory’s Room, head down the hall to the upper floor of the library. Then, look on the floor in front of the bookshelves in the corner. There should be a small circular Mysterious Switch that needs an item to activate. The Bulldog Cane clue from Emma and Gregory’s Room is actually the key to this switch. Use the Bulldog Cane to activate the switch and reveal a Secret Room.

Inside, there’s one piece of evidence to grab.

  1. Montgomery’s Long Lost Letter

This letter gives you enough evidence to convince Alexa Carlisle that Zachary actually committed suicide. It’s not the correct solution to the murder mystery, but it is an option you can choose when you finally present her with your findings.

Rebecca’s Room Clues


Rebecca’s Room is located on Level 1 in the southeast section of the building. The door is locked, but you can climb out the nearby window and shimmy along the ledge to gain access to the room via an open window.

There are two clues to find in Rebecca’s Room.

  1. Rebecca’s Notebook
  2. Rebecca’s Laptop

There isn’t much evidence here, but it’s still important for the case. Interact with Rebecca’s Laptop and then scan Rebecca’s Notebook with your Camera. Now it’s time to head downstairs and see what Mr. Fernsby was up to during the night of the murder.

Mr. Fernsby’s Office Clues


Mr. Fernsby’s Office is located on the ground floor of the building by the Staff Room. The door is locked, and there unfortunately aren’t any windows or alternate routes you can take to get inside. You have to open the locked door somehow, and the Crowbar you can find outside by the Greenhouse is your best bet. The door is secluded so nobody will see you break open the lock anyway.

There are three clues to find in Mr. Fernsby’s Office.

  1. Zachary’s Half-Burnt Diary
  2. Mr. Fernsby’s List
  3. Mr. Fernsby’s Pills

This evidence is critical to the investigation. Grab Zachary’s Half-Burnt Diary from the fireplace. Then, pick up Mr. Fernsby’s List and Mr. Fernsby’s Pills. If you pick up everything in this room, you’ll have enough evidence to frame Mr. Fernsby for the murder.

The Greenhouse Clues


Based on the evidence found in Emma and Gregory’s Room, it’s a good idea to check out the Greenhouse behind the estate. You’ll have to use the nearby Crowbar to break open one of the doors, so be careful and don’t let anyone see you.

There are two clues to find in the Greenhouse.

  1. Lab Equipment
  2. Poison Dosage Table

The Lab Equipment is sitting on the table and it’s pretty hard to miss. The Poison Dosage Table is sitting on the table to the right of the Lab Equipment, and you have to use your Camera to scan it. If you collect all the evidence here, you’ll discover the identity of the murderer.

Who Killed Zachary?

When you sit down to present your findings to Alexa Carlisle, you have three options.

  • Accuse Emma
  • Accuse Mr. Fernsby 
  • Accuse Zachary


Any of the three options will please Alexa Carlisle and get you a reward, but Emma is the real murderer. You can accuse Mr. Fernsby or Zachary of being the true murderer, and Alexa Carlisle will buy your story either way. Any of the three options will complete the Motive, Means, and Opportunity Mission Story.

After concluding the investigation, you’ll be able to choose a reward. The best option is to ask for the Case File because the other choices don’t really get you anything. If you ask for the Case File, Alexa Carlisle will realize that you’re actually Agent 47, but she’ll express her surprise that you helped her instead of killing her. She’ll input the safe code and allow you to grab the file before heading out to the balcony for some privacy. You can follow her outside for an easy accidental kill if you push her over, or you can take care of her however you see fit.

Hitman 3 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

- This article was updated on:January 21st, 2021

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