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Hitman 3: All Keypad Codes and Safe Combinations

Gain access to new areas and find new items behind locked doors.

by Diego Perez


Many levels in Hitman 3 feature keypads and safes that require codes to open, and you’ll have to explore your environment and eavesdrop on conversations to learn the combinations. Sometimes, your mission objective will even be locked behind a secret code, leaving you with an extra complication on top of needing to kill your targets. That’s a lot of work, and sometimes you just want to open something the second you come across it, so we’ve compiled a list of all the safe combinations and keypad codes in Hitman 3 across all six levels.

Dubai Codes

  • Staff Area Door4706
    • This code can be found on a whiteboard in the Meeting Room. It opens a door that connects the Atrium and Staff Area.
  • Security Room Safe6927
    • This code can be found on a bulletin board nearby. It opens the safe that contains the evacuation keycard needed to trigger the emergency evacuation sequence for the two targets, leading to an assassination opportunity by sabotaging their parachutes.
  • Penthouse Guest Bedroom Safe7465
    • This code opens the safe in the guest bedroom of the penthouse suite.

Dartmoor Codes

  • Alexa Carlisle’s Office Safe (Case File)1975
    • This code unlocks the safe that contains the Case File needed to complete the Dartmoor mission. Press the button on Alexa Carlisle’s chair to reveal the safe. The safe has four symbols above it, and these symbols represent items in the room. Each number in the combination is hidden by those items. By finding the clock, telescope, fireplace, and moose head, you can find the four numbers in the combination.

Chongqing Codes

  • ICA Facility Door0118
    • A woman outside the door has forgotten the code and is thinking aloud trying to remember it. She will eventually say the full code out loud, letting you know it’s 0118. She’ll also open the door so you can follow her inside without using the keypad.
  • ICA Apartment Door0118
    • It looks like the ICA uses the same code for everything. You can find this code by listening to the answering machine on the second floor of the apartment.
  • Laundromat Door0118
    • This is the same code that the ICA uses for the Facility door and Apartment door. This is a mandatory code if you are attempting the All-Seeing Eyes Mission Story.
  • Benchmark Lab Door2552
    • This code can be found written on a whiteboard on the fifth floor of the building where Hush is found.
  • Hush’s Private Lab Door2552
    • This code can be found written on a whiteboard nearby.
  • Arcade Door2552
    • This code is used to open the locked door in the Arcade.

Mendoza Codes

  • Wine Fridge Laser System1945
    • According to an overheard guard conversation, the code is the last year of World War II, which is 1945.
  • Villa Basement Safe2006
    • According to an overhead guard conversation, the code to the Villa Basement Safe is the year that the Yates got married. There is a calendar in the Villa that shows the Yates’ crystal wedding anniversary (15 years) is in 2021, meaning they originally were married in 2006.

Carpathian Mountains Codes

  • Door 1979
    • You’ll find this door at the very start of the mission using the default starting location. The code can be found on the poster to the left of the door.

Hitman 3 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Google Stadia.

- This article was updated on:January 20th, 2021

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