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Hitman 3 – How To Fix Level and Progression Carryover Error Issue

Major problem at launch.

by Dean James


Hitman 3 just launched today as the first major AAA release of 2021, with it being the first of the trilogy to be published directly by developer IO Interactive. Previous games were published by Square Enix and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment respectively, but IO Interactive was ready to take the reins themselves. That doesn’t mean the launch of Hitman 3 is without problems though, as one of the biggest features for the game involving the carryover of progress from past games is not working right now at all.

How To Fix Progression Carryover Issues

One of the coolest features that the World of Assassination Trilogy has had starting with 2 is the ability to carryover the stages and progress from the previous game to where you can enjoy all of the previous game or games in one title. With the release of Hitman 3, the idea was to be able to bring over your stages and progression from both Hitman and Hitman 2, but that is not exactly working as planned at launch.

Due to issues on IO Interactive’s end, you cannot currently complete the process via your IOI login, which is necessary to carryover your information from the past games within the same console generation. IO Interactive says they are working on the problem, but no outright fix has been made as of the time of this posting.

If you get through the process and are told that the progression carryover failed, you just need to sit and wait until IO Interactive has it straightened out. They say that “if you complete the process and see that your request has ‘failed’, it will be placed in a queue on our end and processed. You can do no more.”

In the meantime, you can technically start a game in Hitman 3 if you want. However, we do not recommend you do this unless you literally just want to mess around and experience the game for a bit. This is because this game save will be wiped later if you want to carryover your progression once it is working.

There are many people waiting for a fix as soon as possible, as it’s preventing lots of people from actually starting the game due to the loss of any saves if they want that content later.

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