Holocure 0.6 Money Farming: Best Ways to Make HoloCoins Fast

Get rich quick.

by Diego Perez
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Just like in real life, running out of money is a huge problem in HoloCure: Save the Fans. Unlike real life, however, there are multiple easy ways to climb out of debt in Holocure and you can rack up thousands of HoloCoins in just a few minutes if you know the right strategies. There are a few tried and true money-making methods like Greed builds and things like that, but enterprising HoloCure players have discovered a few additional get-rich-quick schemes that you can take advantage of.

How to Farm Money Fast in HoloCure

With the recent changes made to the Greed Stamp in the latest version of HoloCure, Greed builds are still one of the best ways to stock up on HoloCoins. On the other hand, fishing has been a highly profitable activity lately now that HoloCure players have caught onto some new strategies.

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Greed Build for Money Farming

Using the Greed stamp to increase your cash flow is a well-known technique in the HoloCure community, but coin drop chance and amount now scales with damage dealt, so it’s even easier to make a millionaire build than ever before.

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You can use most HoloCure characters if you’re trying to make a lot of money in a single run, but the best choices are Yuzuki Choco, Irys, Reine, or Risu. Each of their weapons is easy to use, especially Risu’s, and you’ll have an easy time surviving with any of them.

For items, you’ll want the Gorilla’s Paw, Devil Hat, or Face Mask to increase your damage output. To keep yourself alive for long enough, don’t neglect the Breastplate or Body Pillow. The former deals damage to enemies that hit you too, which is a nice bonus. Of course, Super Chatto Time is also a key part of making money in HoloCure since it will automatically collect coins for you and increase your incoming money significantly.

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Fishing for Money in Holocure

Fishing may not seem like a particularly lucrative activity, especially when compared to the screens full of coins that you can get with the right Greed Stamp builds. However, once you’ve unlocked more advanced fishing poles like the Golden Rod, you can catch incredibly valuable fish. It doesn’t make quite as much as the best Greed builds, but it’s a nice change of pace.

There’s not much to this strategy. All you need to do is head to the Holo House and visit the fishing pond. Then, just cast your line and catch everything that bites. The key here is keeping up a chain and making sure you don’t mess up the minigame so you have better chances of catching rarer fish. Ultimately, you can earn about a million HoloCoins in roughly half an hour if you maintain a chain with the Golden Rod.

- This article was updated on August 23rd, 2023

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