How to Unlock the Beetle in HoloCure and What It Does

Here's how to get one of Holocure's best items.

by Diego Perez
Image: KayAnimate

The Beetle is one of the best items that you can get in HoloCure: Save the Fans, but getting it can be challenging for new players. Of all the Vampire Survivors clones to hit Steam in the last few months, HoloCure is one of the best. It’s a perfect match, blending the addicting gameplay of Vampire Survivors with anime girls. It’s also got a fantastic progression system and gameplay loop, too. Here’s how you can get the Beetle for your next HoloCure run.

How to Unlock the Beetle in HoloCure

Unlocking the Beetle requires you to complete a challenge run in HoloCure. More specifically, you need to complete a stage without having a character skill. This can be tricky if you’re still getting used to the game — there’s even an achievement tied to it — but it shouldn’t take more than a few runs if you’ve gotten the hang of things already.

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To play without a character skill, you’ll need to reject all character skills that appear when leveling up. You can also use a brand new character that is still at the fandom level or turn off the fandom system entirely before selecting a stage. As long as you finish a stage without a single character skill, you’ll see the Skill Issue achievement pop and you’ll unlock the Beetle.

Image: KayAnimate

What Does the Beetle Do in HoloCure?

The Beetle doesn’t have any fancy special effects, but that doesn’t prevent it from being one of the strongest items in all of HoloCure. It raises the damage of all character skills by 33% at level 1, increasing all the way to an insane 100% damage bonus at level 3. In addition, each player level will add another 1% to that damage bonus.

Basically, the Beetle will double your damage output at level 3, making it a powerful addition to your HoloCure arsenal. No matter which other items or character skills you end up using on your next HoloCure run, the Beetle will synergize with them. It’s hard to turn down a raw damage increase, especially when the percentages are so high.

- This article was updated on August 23rd, 2023

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