How to Get the Gold Finger Pickup in Vampire Survivors

Are you trying to get the Gold Finger pickup in Vampire Survivors?

by Gordon Bicker
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Vampire Survivors had a pickup appear as part of update 1.5 and ever since players have been on the hunt for using the Gold Finger pickup throughout their playthroughs. It will start an enjoyable event that makes your character invincible for a period of time, even giving you a bonus charm and minimum cooldown: it is the perfect complement to your time in the game. This article will take you through how to get the Gold Finger pickup in Vampire Survivors.

Process to Get the Gold Finger Pickup in Vampire Survivors

In order to get the Gold Finger pickup, you will have to get to the Astral Stair Stage which is where you will be able to find the Gold Finger. You can only find the pickup once you have acquired the Trisection relic in this stage. Summed up, the steps you should take to find the Gold Finger are listed below for you as follows.

  1. Access the Astral Stair Stage in the game — when inside, we recommend obtaining the Astral Stair map in the far right middle room which will showcase the specific locations of pickups like the Gold Finger.
  2. Obtain the Trisection Relic.
  3. Find the Gold Finger pickup and walk into it in order to activate it.
  4. Play through the event to earn a variety of rewards.

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When you first enter the Astral Stair Stage you will be falling down to the ground and eventually land in a large long corridor filled with bookshelves. You will need to go to the bottom of the corridor and go through the door on the left-hand side — the door is hidden near a table. Once you are through the door, proceed to the other side of the room and go through the far-right door, continue to do this for the next room too.

After you are in the bottom far-right room, you can acquire the Trisection Relic from the table at the very bottom of the room you are currently in. The Trisection Relic will state that it “Enables Random Events in All Stages”. You will then be able to find the Gold Finger Pickup easily.

How to Get to the Astral Stair Stage in Vampire Survivors

In order to unlock the Astral Stair Stage you will have to reach level 80 on the Inlaid Library with Inverse mode on. You can unlock the inverse mode by acquiring Gracia’s Mirror Relic found in the Eudaimonia Machine special stage. This only can be entered after you have found every other main standard stage relic.

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Inverse Mode will increase enemy health but it also continues to increase their health and speed each minute. We would highly recommend using the best weapons for the battle. Your efforts within the Inverse Mode will not go unrewarded as your luck is increased by around 20% and the gold you earn is also increased by 200%.

You will be reaching the Astral Stair Stage to get the Gold Finger pickup in no time!

- This article was updated on June 12th, 2023

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