Honkai Star Rail: All Administrative District Treasure Chest Locations

Nic Cage went through such a hassle to find a national treasure... when all he had to do was look in a the mirror.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you looking for all Honkai: Star Rail administrative district treasure chest locations? A fun and valuable aspect of Honkai is the ability to search for treasure chests in different zones. Unfortunately, while the map shows how many treasure chests can be found in that zone, it doesn’t tell you where they can be found. However, we have provided you with the exact locations of all 10 Administrative District treasure chest locations in Honkai: Star Rail.

All 10 Administrative District Treasure Chest Locations in Honkai: Star Rail

There are a total of 10 chest locations in the Administrative District of Honkai: Star Rail.

Administrative District Chest 1

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You will find the first Basic Chest next to the Space Anchor in the southern part of the Administrative District, as shown above.

Administrative District Chest 2

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While facing Chest 1, turn around 180 degrees and run across the street to the restaurant sitting area. You will find the second Basic Chest here.

Administrative District Chest 3

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While facing Chest 2, turn around 180 degrees again and straight up the stairs. From there, keep heading straight until you go past the green panners. The third Basic Treasure Chest sits up against a closed gate.

Administrative District Chest 4

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Head back down the stairs and take a left when you reach the bottom. You will head towards a building with a trash dumpster and streetlamp. The fourth Basic Treasure Chest is in front of the trash dumpster.

Administrative District Chest 5

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Turn right and head down the street until you reach two NPCs: a mom sitting and a child standing. Turn left when you see them and keep heading straight. The fifth Basic Treasure Chest just passed Dominic, the Lecturer.

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Administrative District Chest 6

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Turn around and head past the Central Plaza space anchor until you are across the street. The sixth Basic Treasure Chest sits at the base of the massive stairs.

Administrative District Chest 7

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Turn to your left and head down a set of stairs. Turn left once you are at the bottom of the stairs to find the seventh Basic Treasure Chest next to an NPC standing guard.

Administrative District Chest 8

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Turn around and head toward the more extensive stairs (not the ones you just came down.) You will find the eighth Basic Treasure Chest sitting behind the Theatrical Posters.

Administrative District Chest 9

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Turn left and head past the Golden Theater space anchor. After passing a purple phone booth, the ninth Basic Treasure Chest sits up against a closed gate.

Administrative District Chest 10

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Teleport to the Central Plaza space anchor. You will head down the set of stairs where you find chest 7. This time, however, you will need to investigate the Blockade Line. Finally, you will be taken to the B1 level of the Administrative District after completing the story, where you will find the tenth and final Basic Treasure Chest.

- This article was updated on April 26th, 2023

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