Horizon Forbidden West: Where to Find Horned Lizard Bone

Finding lizards in Horizon Forbidden West!

by Gordon Bicker


Aloy makes her long-awaited return in Horizon Forbidden West which has just officially launched for players around the world. As with any new experience, players have been diving into the game and immersing themselves in all of the glorious water physics along with drawing back their bowstring and firing an arrow directly into the mechanical heart of a machine. There is something for everyone in the latest installment to the franchise and many players will be searching for various resources and materials throughout the lands. This guide article will explain where to find ‘Horned Lizard Bone’ in Horzion Forbidden West.

Where to Find Horned Lizard Bone Within Horizon Forbidden West

Whether you are on the path to leveling up in the game at the moment or are simply just taking in all of the vistas that the game has to offer in glorious next-gen detail, you will certainly be looking for resources and materials along the way. Henceforth, ensuring you know where to find the resources and parts will be vital for your playthrough. The ‘Horned Lizard Bone’ is a crafting component that has an essential reason for players to have some in their inventory.

Firstly, to find a ‘Horned Lizard Bone’, you will of course have to find some horned lizards across the land. These can be commonly found in the desert regions of Horizon Forbidden West and you will be able to observe lizards scuttling about on the sands of the world. They are agile and fast so ensuring you have a greatly pinpointed arrow shot on them will have you eliminating them in no time for the player!

There is a chance that a ‘Horned Lizard Bone’ will drop as a crafting component upon looting the lizard, so simply keep looking for more lizards and searching them for any ‘Horned Lizard Bones’ that they have. It should be noted that you will also be able to find another resource from dispatching of the lizards and that is ‘Lizard Skin’ which is more common than the bones to find so you will likely be finding a lot of lizard skin at the same time while hunting for the crafting component you are looking for.

What Can Horned Lizard Bones Be Utilised For?

The lizard bones themselves can be utilised for a variety of reasons, however, one of the main reasons is to craft ‘Pouch Upgrades’ which will increase your storage capacity for Aloy which of course is a great thing to have.

Having an increased storage capacity means that you will be able to collect more items in the world and carry them about with you without worrying about constantly trying to work out how much storage space you have left as with the pouch upgrades you will have more space for Aloy to be able to keep finding and picking things up for the inventory on any difficulty level.

Will you be finding Horned Lizard Bones in Horizon Forbidden West this month?

Horizon Forbidden West is available now on PlayStation 5 and PlayStation 4.

- This article was updated on February 19th, 2022

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