How to Heal in Enshrouded

The Shrouded is much harder to explore if you don't know how to heal yourself

by Davi Braid

If you’ve been struggling to figure out how to heal in Enshrouded, rest assured, you’re not alone. Luckily, your struggle is over, because we’re here to help.

Enshrouded may not seem difficult initially, but it can surprise you at times and catch you off-guard, whittling away your health before you know it. Certain enemies can launch a series of attacks that can drastically reduce your HP, making exploration riskier than expected. If you prefer not to retreat to your base and wait for your HP to recover, check below how to restore HP.

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How to Recover HP in Enshrouded

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To heal yourself in Enshrouded, you need Bandages or other healing supplies. You can craft Bandages in your Crafting tab when you open the menu. Bandages are under the Supplies section, right under the Essentials one that you used to build a Flame Altar during the tutorial.

To craft a Bandage, you need the following Materials:

  • 4 Torn Cloth
  • 1 String

Once crafted, the Bandage will appear in your inventory. Keep in mind that using a Bandage doesn’t instantly recover a significant amount of lost Health. Instead, it triggers a regeneration process that restores 40% of your health over 10 seconds. That said, be cautious when using Bandages as the regeneration effect will cease if you take damage.

Where to Find Torn Cloth in Enshrouded

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Torn Cloth, a fairly common item, can be easily obtained by defeating the corrupted humans located near or within the Shroud. You’ll quickly build up a health supply of the stuff as you spend more time in the game, but initially make sure you’re fighting as many of the corrupted humans as you can. Just make sure you’re well-equipped for the fight. You don’t want to take more damage than you’ll be able to recover with your bandages!

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Where to Find String in Enshrouded

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String can be crafted by using three Plant Fiber. You can find String under the Resources section in your Crafting tab, under the Supplies tab where you craft a Bandage.

Plant Fiber is relatively easy to locate. Simply search for bushes in green areas. Some will grant you twigs while others will grant you Plant Fibers. You can find Plant Fibers all around the starting area of the game around the Cinder Vault.

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