How Many Flower Coins Can You Carry in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

Plan ahead when collecting flower coins in Super Mario Bros Wonder!

by Marc Magrini
Image: Nintendo

Super Mario Bros Wonder brings back many classic aspects of previous entries in the franchise. On top of letting fan-favorite characters join the playable roster once again, it also takes cues from Odyssey with purple kingdom-specific coins. Flower coins can be used in the game to purchase items like extra lives and standees for multiplayer features. But just how many flower coins can players hold at a time in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

What’s the Limit on Carrying Flower Coins in Super Mario Bros Wonder?

While traversing the strange lands of the Flower Kingdom, players are able to carry a maximum of 999 flower coins. This limit is “increased” when using a Wonder Flower to 999.9, but it rounds back down after the effect ends. Any flower coins obtained after reaching this limit will be lost, so be careful when stockpiling them. It’s entirely possible to hit that limit long before you beat the game, especially when every major stage has three collectibles worth 10 flower coins each.

If you happen to be particularly careless, penalties to your flower coin collection will also be in effect. Getting a Game Over will penalize 50 flower coins from your current count. Completing the game in multiplayer can prove especially troublesome as a result, since all players share the same life counter. If you’re stockpiling coins for a new badge or some more standees, playing alone might be the best way to keep them in your hands.

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Of course, you won’t be in too much trouble even if you lose some flower coins. You can recollect them as many times as you wish by re-entering stages you’ve completed. Even if you’ve obtained the unique 10-coin collectibles already, their outlines will still give 3 flower coins. Once you’ve obtained every badge and standee, flower coins will only really be good for lives anyway, leaving you with little reason to keep collecting them.

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