How to Become a New Atlantis Citizen in Starfield

Here's how to become a New Atlantis citizen in Starfield to utilize United Colonies benefits like buying a new apartment!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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You just landed in New Atlantis after leaving the rugged mining fields. You are now part of Constellation and want to start by purchasing a new apartment. Unfortunately, you must first become a United Colonies citizen before utilizing services like purchasing a new place to stay. While the process to do so isn’t quick, it is worth it. Throughout becoming a citizen, you’ll be given Credits to help get you started and earn valuable loot. Here’s how to become a New Atlantis citizen in Starfield.

How to Become a United Colonies Citizen in Starfield

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Here’s how to become a New Atlantis Citizen in Starfield:

  1. Speak with Command Tuala in the MAST district
  2. Enlist in the Vanguard
  3. Complete the Vanguard Exam
  4. Finish the Friends Like These quest

To become a New Atlantis Citizen in Starfield, you must speak to Commander Tuala about joining the Vanguard. Unfortunately, this is the only way to become a United Colonies citizen. However, suppose you plan on utilizing the services of the United Colonies. In that case, it is worth it because you will gain access to buy a New Atlantis apartment (or housing off New Atlantis if you want), get discounted services on any United Colony world, and receive credits to get you going.

Once you are ready to do so, open your quest menu and you’ll find the Vanguard quest in your activities section. Track this mission and you’ll find you need to head to the building with the giant MAST sign on it (this will be above the NAT station). After you speak with Tuala you need to take the elevator down to the Vanguard Orientation Hall. From there you can use a terminal to begin the registration process. The elevator is behind the reception desk in the same building as Tuala.

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Once off the elevator you can find the Vanguard Registration terminal on the desks in front of you. Agree to the registration terms and you will update your quest. Head through the Vanguard Orientation hall and listen to the exhibits (the information found in these will be needed for later). Once done, take the elevator to the pilot simulation floor.

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Once there, head to the ship simulation, as this serves as your Vanguard exam. Sit in the pilot’s seat when ready to begin the exam. All you need to do is defeat three tiers of enemies to pass the exam. However, there are six tiers in total, and you can keep trying to beat them all before turning in your score.

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I found that it is best to lower your Grav drive and dump the points back into your Ballistic, Missile, and Laser weapons. For example, you can use the directional keys on your keyboard. This will allow you to damage ships faster, especially in Tiers 5 and 6.

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Once you are satisfied with your score you can leave the simulator and speak with Tuala to gain your probationary status. He’ll tell you that you can be a full blown citizen in ten years… geez. But don’t worry it won’t really take that long to become a New Atlantis citizen in Starfield.

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Follow him down, and you will take the oath. After that, you will be given 5800 credits and can get a starter kit from the spaceport to help you during your probationary mission quest line.

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Unfortunately, you will need to complete the following quests to become a United Colonies citizen in Starfield:

  • Supra Et Ultra
  • Grunt Work
  • Delivering Devils Eyewitness
  • Friends Like These

Once you have completed the “Friends Like These” quest, you’ll gain your United Colonies citizenship and all the benefits that come with it.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Starfield on Xbox Series S and PC.

- This article was updated on September 1st, 2023

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