How to Buy a New Atlantis Apartment in Starfield

Here's everything you need to do before you can buy a New Atlantis apartment in Starfield!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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If you enjoy building settlements and designing your virtual home, like in Fallout 4 and 76, you’ll be thrilled to know you can buy an apartment when you arrive in New Atlantis. Although the process may be complicated, the outcome is undoubtedly worth it! When you have a home, you can build valuable items like workbenches and mission boards that will become essential during your journey. To make it easier for you, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide outlining all the steps in purchasing a New Atlantis apartment in Starfield.

How to Buy an Apartment in New Atlantis

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Here’s how to buy a New Atlantis apartment in Starfield:

  1. Earn your United Colonies citizenship
  2. Progress the questline until you finish Friends Like These
  3. Speak with Zora Sangweni at Aphelion Realty
  4. Purchase the apartment in The Wells district for 30,000 Credits

Note: Follow our guide If you need to know how to earn your United Colonies citizenship in Starfield.

After earning your United Colonies Citizenship, you can purchase an apartment in The Wells district of New Atlantis for 30,000 Credits. To do so, head to Aphelion Reality and speak with Zora Sangweni to buy one. The Aphelion Reality building is found in the MAST district. Take the NAT to the MAST district, go up the ramp, and then take a right.

While an apartment in The Wells may be disappointing, it has advantages. First, you can set up Workbenches and craft decorations to design it as you please. In addition, you can sneak into the adjoining apartment and find some stashed loot.

However, completing the United Colonies Faction storyline will reward you with a Penthouse at The Mercury Tower in the Residential District of New Atlantis for free. While this is a commitment, the Penthouse has a massive master bedroom and bathroom, two huge balconies, and three additional rooms. This is by far the best house in the game outside of the ones you earn using background traits like Dream Home, which provides you with a multilevel house (for a cost, of course).

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How to Decorate in Starfield

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Now that you know how to buy a New Atlantis apartment in Starfield, you’ll want to know how to decorate it with essential items like workbenches, mission boards, and storage containers. You must interact with the Decorate Panel on the wall to decorate your apartment. From here, you’ll be entered into a menu similar to the build mode in Fallout 4 and 76. Unfortunately, you’ll need to find resources to craft items, but at least you’ll know exactly what resources to collect!

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide while playing Starfield on Xbox Series S and PC.

- This article was updated on September 1st, 2023

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