How to Build a Spring Trap in Sons of the Forest

Please don't type Part A backwards... It's a trap!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Endnight Games

Are you wondering how to build a Spring Trap in Sons of the Forest and how Sons of the Forest and the best way to use it? The Spring Trap was introduced in patch three, bringing valuable items like the EUC Knight V and Night Vision Goggles. It can be used as both a defensive item and an offensive weapon, depending on how you deploy it and use it with the environment around you.

How to Get a Spring Trap in Sons of the Forest

Image: Endnight Games

You will find the Spring Trap blueprint in the Traps section of your guidebook, and it requires very basic crafting materials to make, meaning you can make a few of them if needed.

Here is how to build the Spring Trap:

  • 2 x Wire
  • 1 x Turtle Shell
  • 7 x Sticks

You can convert the Spring Trap from a defensive item into a weapon instead of sending an enemy away from your location. The Spring Trap is extremely powerful because when you use it with three rocks, it one shots all enemies except Creepers and Big Cannibals. Regardless of how you use the Spring Trap, you must manually reset the trap after every use.

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Players report on the Steam forums that the Spring Trap has some untended glitches. While most of these aren’t game-breaking, they can cause issues for you if you are not careful. Here are the three that we know so far:

  1. If you open your inventory after getting launched by a Spring Trap you will be sent in the air three times higher than what should be possible.
  2. The E.U.C. Knight V can be launched an insane distance by the Spring trap.
  3. If you die while on a loaded spring trap, your body will be sent into the air. This means your revivable body will also be stuck in the air, which could cause issues.

Endnight Games is very responsive to player feedback on the Steam forums so make sure you post any glitches or bugs you may encounter with the Spring Trap. Based on the amount of feedback left will determine how quickly they patch out these issues.

- This article was updated on April 7th, 2023

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