How to Build an Outpost in Age of Wonders 4

The first step toward creating a city.

by Christian Bognar
How to Build an Outpost in Age of Wonders 4
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Age of Wonders 4 is similar to the CIV 6, where it features a building mechanic where players can create outposts that eventually become sprawling cities and civilizations. While the tutorial goes over outposts, it doesn’t go into full detail on how to get one started and the requirements needed to be met. In this guide, we will walk you through how to build an outpost in Age of Wonders 4 and the benefits of upgrading one.

Steps to Build an Outpost in Age of Wonders 4

The first step players must take is to find a province to build the outpost, and this province cannot include mountains or ocean landscapes. Finding a province is easy as all you need to do is hover your cursor over land — which will outline the province’s size.

Now that you have found a province where you plan to build an outpost, your next step is to bring in any hero unit and command it to stand on any hex within that specific province. Doing so will make a “build province” button appear and a required amount of 25 gold. Click the button to spend the 25 gold — causing the outpost to appear on the next available turn. Keep in mind that maintaining an outpost is going to cost you ten gold.

It is also important to remember that you shouldn’t put your outpost too close to another player’s territory. Doing so may create a grievance between the two outposts, potentially harming your outpost in the long run.

Here is a quick summary of how to create an outpost in Age of Wonders 4.

  1. Select a province that doesn’t have mountains or oceans.
  2. Bring any hero unit into this province.
  3. Spend 25 gold and select “Build an Outpost.”
  4. Outpost will become available on the next turn.

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How to Upgrade an Outpost in Age of Wonders 4

To upgrade an outpost, you only need to select the outpost and pick which you would like to build within it. Players can choose from various selections such as a work camp, stone walls, watch tower, etc. As you continue to upgrade your outpost, it will eventually grow into a sprawling city. Once these outposts are turned into cities, the player will get helpful rewards as the cities will develop more units, provide valuable resources, and turn your civilization into a powerful world leader.

- This article was updated on May 9th, 2023

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