Best Tomes to Choose in Age of Wonders 4: All Tome Affinities Explained

Are you searching for the most effective tomes in Age of Wonders 4?

by Gordon Bicker
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Age of Wonders 4 players have a vast number of tomes to choose from and they are one of the cruxes of the game — it is no surprise why players are looking for the best ones. Not only do you have to think about what tier of tome you’re looking to acquire, but also their affinity. This article will take you through the best tomes in Age of Wonders 4 and explain affinities to you.

Best Tomes to Choose for Your Playthrough in Age of Wonders 4

Similar to many other strategy games we know (like us) you’ll be wanting to have the best strategies in place from the get-go. I would recommend that you have gathered up some information about some of the key tomes before playing so this article will be a great help. Listed below are some of the best tomes from each affinity that you can utilize and their respective tier have been placed next to them.

  • Tome of Chaos Channeling — Tier IV | Chaos — Good old chaos: everyone tends to enjoy a bit of it every now and then. With Chaos Channeling you will get access to lots of powerful spells such as the “Gremlin Ambushers”. This will spawn them to attack a city in a domain you’re battling within.
  • Tome of Necromancy — Tier II | Shadow Affinity — No tome list would be complete without a mention of the necromancy tome which will allow you to create various undead creatures. It should be noted that what’s special about this tome is the fact that it will create stronger, “advanced” undead allies.
  • Tome of the Arch Mage — Tier V | Astral Affinity — This is an extremely powerful tome to have since your army’s leader can be teleported to the other target’s world hex.
  • Tome of Winds — Tier II | Materium Affinity — A highly balanced tome is the tome of winds that will assist you in slowing down the enemy’s attack efficiency by disrupting them a lot. Along with that, this has a few summons you can use to great effect.
  • Tome of Nature’s Wrath — Tier IV | Nature Affinity — If you’re looking for a tome that encompasses everything that is enjoyable about the Nature affinity then look no further than the Nature’s Wrath tome. You will get lots of offensive spells along with a summon of a Tier V unit (Horned God) which is massively helpful.
  • Tome of the God Emperor — Tier V | Order Affinity — The God Emperor tone is one of the strongest in the game due to the fact that you won’t only get access to a vital “Mass Revive” spell that lets Zeal or Faithful dead allies come back to life with 50% health. You will also have the Wrath of the Emperor spell that (if cast when you are in the enemy’s zone) deals 50% extra damage on top of the base value.

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Of course, you’ll be aiming for some of the higher tier tomes with Tier V being the go-to usually as you keep progressing through tiers. However, we made sure to sprinkle in a few various lower-tier tomes that will still pack a punch in your playthrough.

All Age of Wonders 4 Tome Affinities Explained

The affinity of a tome can be explained as almost being like the magic class you will follow along with in order to use that particular style. Not just that but your overall society/faction is determined in a similar way by the chosen focused affinity. I have listed each affinity and some brief overhead information about them below for you.

  • Nature — All in all, if you’re looking for a nice healing/balanced setup then you will find your place with nature. Of course, if you enjoy looking after plants in real-life then we think you’d love the Nature affinity.
  • MateriumEnchanting is going to be one of the key elements of the Materium affinity and there is plenty of damaging rock-based spells that you can use during the battles.
  • Order — When you start going through the tomes for the Order affinity you will notice very quickly that this affinity feels highly medieval in culture and it is one of the important points. You will be trying to condemn enemies to cause extra chaos on the battlefield.
  • Chaos — Speaking of Chaos, this affinity lends exactly to how it is described. There are plenty of unique and interesting tomes that you can utilize.
  • Astral — The Astral affinity is focused heavily on thunder and lightning with the skies being your great ally in a way. Destruction magic users will be able to rejoice all the time by opting for this affinity.
  • ShadowIf you’re feeling like a necromancer and want to harvest some souls then Shadow will be a nice affinity to use. A lot is based on summoning a lot of units and also manipulating enemies.

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It can be tough to make a direct choice of affinity but we would recommend testing out a few of them and getting a brief feel for how they all play out. Although if you’re looking for one of the more balanced affinities then nature is going to be your best friend for that. No matter what tomes you opt for, Age of Wonders 4 has a lot on offer.

- This article was updated on May 2nd, 2023

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