Best Civilization in Rise of Kingdoms: Ranked Tier List

Make sure to pick the right civilization that fit your playstyle

by Christian Bognar

Picking the proper civilization in Rise of Kingdoms is everything. This decision will affect the type of perks your city gets, the particular unit, and the kind of Commander you get access to. Choosing the correct civilization, also known as a nation, will determine how quickly you progress and the rate at which you expand. This can be an intimidating decision at the beginning of Rise of Kingdoms, which is why we are here to walk you through which civilizations are the best. Here is our ranked tier list of all the options from S Tier down to B Tier.

Rise of Kingdoms Civilization Tier List

Like other real-time strategy games, like Clash of Clans, your decisions boil down to your goal in the game and what type of playstyle you are going for. Each offers unique perks; one may speed resource production while another may provide stat boosts to your troops, making them stronger altogether. Although you can always work your way to make even the worst civilizations into powerful forces, it is always wise to start with a strong one. There are no wrong answers here, as each civilization has its strengths and weaknesses.

S Tier – Britain, Germany, Korea


These three nations are currently the best ones in the game. Britain and Germany each offer an attack boost for Archer attacks and Calgary attacks, respectively, while Korea offers a defense boost to all Archer attacks. An increase in troop training is also present here for Britain and Germany, allowing you to get an edge on the competition and making your troops stronger at a faster rate. For Korea, speed is also increased when it comes to research making your civilization smarter and quicker than your opponents. The Commanders are also the most powerful forces in Rise of Kingdoms.

A Tier – Arabia, China, France, Egypt, Japan


These five civilizations are also great picks; you can’t go wrong if you decide to go this route. China offers a building speed, which will put you ahead of the expansion of your civilization quicker than your opponents, while the others provide an increase in defense and healing rate. The perks are great here but don’t make it to higher on the list due to their commanders here, who are still great but not as powerful as the S tier rank list.

B Tier – Ottoman, Rome, Spain, Vikings, Byzantium


These civilizations provide helpful perk boosts but not as high that can make a tremendous difference in-game. They have increased in attacks for their units that are weaker than other options, and their defenses are helpful here but not against the most vigorous attacks, such as cavalry. According to the gaming community, Rome does have the best commander in the whole game, named Scipio. So if choosing the best commander is most important to you, then picking a B-tier nation won’t be the end of the world for you.

As you can see, the list only goes down to B-tiers, considering all of these picks are good. Some are better than others, but you will still find yourself successful no matter which civilization you pick. If you are a massive fan of mobile games, check out our other guides regarding anything mobile, and you might even find a game you have yet to try! Also, did you know that you can launch your Google Play games on your PC? It is the perfect way to play mobile games on a bigger screen.

Rise of Kingdoms is available now on mobile devices.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2022

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