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How to Complete Blackout Dark Ops Challenges

Unique Blackout Calling Cards are hidden behind Easter Eggs.

by William Schwartz


Completing the Dark Ops Challenges in Call of Duty Blackout will get you a bunch of cool Calling Cards in the game to customize your profile.  To unlock each Call of Duty Blackout Dark Ops Challenge, you will need to perform different actions on the map.  Some require that you get a certain amount of kills, kill players in a certain way, or just find different Easter Eggs around the map.

Unfortunately, you won’t get any notifications in the game when you complete these challenges.  You’ll have to wait until after the Blackout match to see whether you’ve completed one or not.  In the after action merit report you’ll see points in the challenge column if you’ve completed it or not.

You’ll also see that you’ve unlocked the associated calling card for the Dark Ops challenges that you’ve completed during a match.

Blackout Dark Ops Challenge List

Red Light, Green Light – Go to the cargo docks and secure the supply crate underneath the buoy with the flashing lights.

How to unlock:  Drop in at the Cargo Docks and try to land either of the flashing buoys.  Underneath of these buoys will sometimes be a supply drop.  Collect it to complete the Red Light, Green Light Dark Ops Challenge.

Location: C7 or C6

Fist Fighter – Get a melee kill with fists.

How to unlock:  You’ll need to kill someone by punching them to unlock the Fist Fighter Dark Ops Challenge.

Location: Anywhere

Baller – Score a basket on the basketball court in Estate

How to unlock:  Go to the Estate and then shoot the basketball into the hoop to unlock the Baller Dark Ops Challenge.

Location:  D2

Open the Blast Doors – Go to Fracking Tower and land between the two smaller silos and open the doors by pressing the green switch.

How to unlock:  Head to the Fracking Tower and then go between the two small silos.  Between them is a switch that opens the Blast Doors and completes this Dark Ops challenge.

Location: E6

Practice Makes Perfect – Shoot bullseyes at the Firing Range

How to unlock:  Head to the Firing Range and then complete a bulls-eye shot at 90m.

Location: E4 though the target will be in D4.

Zombie Jams – Turn on juke box in the diner.

How to unlock:  Go to the diner area that is just west of the Array.  Downstairs in the restaurant there will be jukebox that plays music, turn it on to complete the Zombie Jams Dark Ops Challenge.

Location: C4

Back in the ground – Killing 100 Zombies

How to unlock: Killing 100 zombies may sound like a lot, but these creatures respawn continuously throughout a Blackout match and can be killed pretty easily.  Your most likely spot to find zombies will be at the Asylum, Diner, or head towards the blue light.

Location: Anywhere

Respect your Elders – Go to the memorial in the F6 Zone of the map. Stand facing the memorial.  Hold the Square (PlayStation) or X (Xbox) Button to pay respects.

How to unlock: Go to the big stone memorial just west of the bridge in F6.  Stand at the stone closest to the statue and picture and press the button to pay respects to complete the Respect your Elders Dark Ops Challenge.

Location: F6

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