How to Complete Sharing the Faith in WoW Classic Season of Discovery (SoD)

Players are praying this quest stops being bugged.

by Thomas Cunliffe

Sharing the Faith is a Priest-exclusive quest in World of Warcraft: Classic Season of Discovery. While praying should come naturally to the faithful, many Priests are struggling with this quest due to an annoying bug. Here’s everything you need to know about Sharing the Faith.

Is Sharing the Faith Bugged in WoW Classic: SoD?

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To complete Sharing the Faith, the player needs to /pray on the kneeling Supplicant while under the effect of their race’s Mediation buff. Unfortunately, a bug is causing the Supplicant to stand up for many players. I guess they don’t fancy getting their robe dirty?

You can’t complete Sharing the Faith if the Supplicant is standing. If your quest is bugged, switching to a different layer can sometimes fix it. You can do this by joining a player’s group on a different layer from you.

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You can also decide to skip the quest entirely. Sharing the Faith simply serves as a tutorial for giving other players your race’s mediation buff and only rewards a tiny chunk of change and EXP. There are, thankfully, no Runes attached to this quest.

If the Supplicant is kneeling and you still can’t finish the quest, keep reading to find out exactly how to complete Sharing the Faith in Season of Discovery.

How to Complete ‘Sharing the Faith’ in WoW Classic: Season of Discovery

Image: Attack of the Fanboy

If the Supplicant is kneeling, you need to target them and type /pray into the chatbox under the relevant Mediation buff. Every race has a Meditation buff tied to their faith that’s acquired by /kneeling next to a particular object.

RaceBuffWhere to /kneel
Night ElfMeditation on EluneIn a Moonwell
Human & DwarfMeditation on the LightNear an Altar of Light
TrollMeditation on the LoaNear a Loa Altar
UndeadMeditation on UndeathIn a graveyard

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Mediation buffs last four hours, so there’s no rush to get back to the Supplicant. Unless they decide to stand up in the meantime, that is. You can also bestow this buff on kneeling players by using /pray, which can save time when trying to learn new Runes.

This guide was written while playing World of Warcraft Classic: Season of Discovery on PC.

- This article was updated on December 12th, 2023

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