How to Complete The Just Desserts Challenge in BitLife

Check out how to complete the Just Desserts Challenge in BitLife.

by Franklin Bellone Borges
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The Just Desserts Challenge tasks BitLife players with creating a soon-to-be murderer who seems to only be attracted to chaos and married men. To help you complete the challenge as fast as possible and get its reward, here’s how to complete the Just Desserts Challenge in BitLife.

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BitLife Just Desserts Challenge Guide

You can complete the Just Desserts Challenge in BitLife by:

  • Being born a female.
  • Having children with 2+ married men.
  • Hooking up with 2+ baby daddies.
  • Marrying one of your baby daddies.
  • Murdering your baby daddy-husband and then having his body taxidermized.

How to be Born a Female in BitLife

You can be born a female in BitLife by heading to New Life and then selecting the option while in the gender tab. You don’t need to set a specific hometown or country to complete the Just Desserts Challenge, so just pick any location you like.

How to Have Children With Married Men in BitLife

You can have children with married men in BitLife by heading to Activities, Love, and then selecting Hook Up. Once at Hook Up, just close and open the tab until you see a married man and then hook up with him while forgetting about protection. If your character manages to get pregnant, you will be able to have the baby by simply aging up.

To complete the challenge, simply repeat the method above a few times. After any of your babies are born, you will be able to find their father under the Exes tab, where he will be categorized as a Baby Daddy.

It’s worth noting that you’ll need to complete this stage before your character turns 40. At this stage, they’ll enter menopause and won’t be able to have children. If you’ve not had two children with two different fathers by the time your character turns 40, you’ll need to start again.

How to Hook Up With 2 Baby Daddies in BitLife

You can hook up with your baby daddies by heading to the Exes tab and then selecting any of them before selecting Call and then picking Booty Call. There’s no guarantee they will accept to hook up with you again. This will ultimately depend on what your relationship level is with them, so you might need to repeat the process several times to complete the task.

How to Marry a Baby Daddy in BitLife

You can marry any of your baby daddies in BitLife by heading to to Exes tab, selecting any of them, and then selecting Date. If your target is married, you will only be able to date him after he divorces his wife.

After you start dating, you will be able to get married by heading to Relationships, selecting your partner, and then selecting Propose before reopening the tab and picking Wedding. To increase the chances that your boyfriend will accept your proposition, I recommend that you get their affection toward you on the high end by either paying them compliments or giving them gifts before popping the question.

How to Murder and Taxidermy Your Husband

You can murder and taxidermy your husband in BitLife by first heading to Activities, Crime, and then selecting Murder. After selecting the option, select your husband as your target and then pick a murder method. To decrease the chances of you getting caught, as well as increase your chances of success, I recommend that you kill them by either performing a drive-by or pushing them off a cliff.

Once your husband is dead, you will be able to taxidermize his body by picking the option while making his funeral arrangements.

Now that you know how to complete all of the tasks part of the Just Desserts Challenge, don’t forget to also check out how to complete the Malpractice Millionaire challenge in BitLife.

This guide was made while playing BitLife on Android.

- This article was updated on February 7th, 2024

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