How to Complete the Late Fees DLC in Hello Neighbor 2

Where does the library keep books about conspiracies... Right behind you.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell

Are you wondering how to complete the Late Fees DLC in Hello Neighbor 2? So you completed all Days of the campaign and are now looking to complete the included DLC? There are three included DLC with the Digital Deluxe edition of the game. These DLC have nothing to do with the main story but provide additional stealth and platformer levels. Look no further, as we have all book and bookshelf locations, so you can quickly complete it in no time. Here is everything you need to know about completing the Late Fees DLC in Hello Neighbor 2.

How to Complete the Late Fees DLC in Hello Neighbor 2

The Late Fees DLC is a bit different than the main story. Your primary objective is to locate and return books to their proper Bookshelf. Each book will have a unique symbol, and you will need to find the shelf with the matching symbol to return it.

Treble Clef Book and Bookshelf


The Treble Clef Book is outside the library on the stairs leading inside.


The Bookshelf is on the bottom floor. When you come down the stairs, go to the left. You will see a sign for it with a green platform. Climb up to the platform to put the book back into place.

Fire Book and Bookshelf


You will find the Fire Book by following the wall to the left until you see a fire extinguisher case.


The Bookshelf is in the middle of the library on the first floor. Head to the horseshoe-shaped area.

Crescent Moon Book and Bookshelf


The Crescent Moon Book can be found sitting on the table and lamp.


From the entrance, you will see a big blue carpet covering bookshelves. You need to climb the bookshelves in front of it and then traverse to the ledge with a hole in the wall. Continue climbing on the boards attached to the outside of the building. You will find another hole in the library where the backward C bookshelf is located.

Flower Book and Bookshelf


The Flower Book is in another fire extinguisher case. Head down the main stairs and go to the left until you see a chair holding up a door. The case holding the book is to the right.


You need to jump on the chandelier from the roof and swing it until you have enough momentum to jump into an alcove where the flower bookshelf is located.

Rocketship Book and Bookshelf


On the second level, you will find a door blocked by a green gate. Pull the red lever on the nearby wall to open it. The Rocketship Book is sitting on the floor. It may be hard to see because it is in the shadows.


Climb on top of the boiler on the second level to the left of the entrance. Traverse across the boards, and you will find the rock bookshelf.

Fox Book and Bookshelf


Climb up to the roof to find the Fox Book in a planter. You can access the roof via the pathway opened by unlocking the green gate with the lever.


The Fox bookshelf is found on the roof in the big grass roof. You need to walk the planks over to it.

Arrow Book and Bookshelf


You will find the Arrow Book under a chicken coop on the roof.


The Bookshelf is located on the bottom floor next to a green cabinet.

Theater Book and Bookshelf


The Theater Book is on the third level. You can find it by entering the door you unlock on the roof underneath a power box.


The Bookshelf is located to the left of the librarian’s counter.

Planet Book and Bookshelf


You will find the Planet Book on top of the Bookshelf behind the librarian’s counter. You can climb the Bookshelf to reach it.


The Planet bookshelf is located in a small alcove on the main level to the left of the main stairs. You need the crowbar to access it.

Music Note Book and Bookshelf


When facing it, there is a bookshelf to the left of the librarian’s counter. It has a green globe on top. Climb it and traverse to the Music Note book (not to be confused with the Trebel Clef Book).


From the main entrance, follow the left path until you run into the music note bookshelf on the right-hand side.

Spade Book and Bookshelf


Leave through the main entrance and head left around the building to the back, where there is a fountain. Turn the wheel to get the Spade Book.


Continue around the back until you come to a tar pit with several pipes. Climb the pipes and enter the third floor of the building using the bent lamppost. Turn the wheel to drain the tar pit. Head to the bottom of the tar pit and spin that wheel. There will be a moving platform that leads to the spade bookshelf.

Movie Clapper Book and Bookshelf


The Movie Clapper Book is found on the floor on the main level at the foot of the leftmost second set of stairs by the librarian counter.


The Movie Clapper bookshelf is directly ahead of where you picked up the book.

How to Finish The Late Fees DLC


After you have all books returned to their shelves, go back to the entrance and pull the lever.


The key will drop from the chandelier in the center of the library.


Head down the stairs to the right with the picture of the librarian over it.

Hello Neighbor 2 is available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox series X|S, and Xbox Game Pass.

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