How to Craft Advent Calendar in Rust

It grants a gift every 24 hours and is quite easy to craft

by Davi Braid
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The Advent Calendar is a craftable and deployable seasonal item in Rust first introduced in December 2021. It allows players to claim a gift box per day. Here’s how to craft one.

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All You Need to Craft the Advent Calendar in Rust

During the Holiday Season event, the Advent Calendar will be automatically available to players as a default blueprint, eliminating the need for them to learn it. This is all that players need to craft the Advent Calendar in Rust:

  • 100 wood
  •  20 cloth
  •  Workbench (level 1)

Where to Find the Needed Ingredients and Materials

Image: Facepunch

Wood and Cloth are basic resources in Rust and are quite easy to find. Wood can be collected by cutting down trees. All you need is a rock or a hatchet. As for cloth, it can be obtained by harvesting hemp fibers. Fortunately, these are easy to find with a bit of exploration around the map.

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Where to Find the Needed Items

The Tier 1 Workbench can be made using wood, metal fragments, and scrap. Metal can be obtained by mining metal ores. These ores are quite easy to find, but you’ll need a stone pickaxe. You can craft a stone pickaxe using 200 wood and 100 stone. Collecting Scrap, however, works a little differently. Unlike other resources, Scrap can be obtained by recycling unneeded components. It can also be found in crates and barrels.

What the Advent Calendar Does

The Advent Calendar lets players claim a gift box once every 24 hours. Gift distribution takes place from the 16th to the 25th of December. Unlike the rewards from Small Stockings and SUPER Stockings, the gifts from the Advent Calendar are distributed individually and cannot be stolen by other players. The Advent Calendar can be placed on any level surface, whether it’s a natural ground or a foundation built by a player. It remains undamaged when set up or removed, allowing you the freedom to relocate it as desired.

- This article was updated on December 20th, 2023

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