How to Craft in Harvest Island

Build a better connection to the gods.

by Alex Huebner
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While adventuring as Will and Samantha in Harvest Island, your dad will give you tasks to craft and collect specific things to help around the farm and appease the gods. There are some items you can gather from around the map that will craft things like a fishing rod and ladder that will help you with fishing and mining, as well as other items. All you have to do is bring the right materials to the crafting table.

Finding the Station to Craft

In the bedroom, where you begin the game, you’ll see a table at the bottom of the screen. To craft, all you have to do is approach it and press the interaction button. However, first you will want to make sure you have the materials you need to craft the items you need. You’ll also want to look in the correct section of the menu. There’s also an option for Build, Upgrades, and Craft Idols.

Crafting will give you the items you need as you explore. Build gives you upgraded stations on your farm like an upgraded Chicken Box, Kitchen, and more. Upgrades is where you will get more space, this applies to your farm, rucksack, and chest. Craft Idols is where you can go to make an idol you exchange for a favor from the gods.

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Crafting Recipes

Rope2 Cotton
3 Twigs
15 Bless
Ladder5 Twigs
1 Rope
2 Long Sticks
75 Bless
Pickaxe5 Long Sticks
2 Ropes
3 Stones
100 Bless
String2 Cotton
10 Bless
Fishing Pole2 Long Sticks
3 Strings
100 Bless
Shovel2 Long Sticks
2 Ropes
4 Stones
100 Bless
Fishing Net10 Strings
5 Stones
100 Bless
Snare Trap1 Carrot
1 Long Stick
1 String
10 Bless
Bug Net2 Long Sticks
5 Strings
100 Bless
Sickle5 Long Sticks
5 Ropes
15 Stones
100 Bless
Crab Net15 Strings
10 Twigs
5 Long Sticks
250 Bless
Mystery Seed2 Dung
25 Bless

Build Recipes

These recipes help you expand and improve your farm, giving you more resources and animals.

  • Kitchen – Puts a kitchen in your home and expands the recipes you can make.
  • Dog House – Welcomes a dog to the farm.
  • Barn Refurbished – Cleans the barn and expands the number of cows you can have.
  • Chicken Box – Adds another chicken to your coop.

Upgrade Recipes

Increase your storage and planting space through the Upgrades option.

  • Field – More field space to plant in.
  • Rucksack – Increased carrying capacity.
  • Chest – Additional storage space.

Craft Idol Recipes

The idols are created at the crafting station under the Craft Idols option. Once they’ve been created they can be offered at the altars in exchange for different gifts.

Idol TypeRecipeGods’ Gift
Pig Idol1 Pig Essence
1 Cauliflower
Reduce fatigue or gain stamina
Goat Idol1 Goat Essence
1 Garlic
Goat milk
Fox Idol1 Fox Essence
1 Radish
Ores and stones
Cat Idol1 Cat Essence
1 Seashell
Sea floor items
Seal Idol1 Seal Essence
1 Sand Dollar
Deer Idol1 Deer Essence
1 Lettuce
Random seeds
Buck Idol1 Buck Essence
1 Worm
Forest items
Sheep Idol1 Sheep Essence
1 Carrot
Cow Idol1 Cow Essence
1 Potato
Dog Idol1 Dog Essence
1 Rabbit
Chicken Idol1 Chicken Essence
1 Onion
Sea Turtle Idol1 Sea Turtle Essence
1 Copper Ingot
Seagull Idol1 Seagull Essence
1 Tomato
Raccoon Idol1 Raccoon Essence
1 Apple

- This article was updated on October 13th, 2023

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