How to Crawl in Minecraft Bedrock – Explained

This guide will cover how to swim in Minecraft Bedrock Edition.

by Christian Bognar
Minecraft Miners Helmet
Image: Mojang

Crawling in Minecraft is surprisingly tricky to pull off, and players may need guidance on how to do so. Crawling allows players to maneuver through small areas — such as secret passageways leading to your hideaways. This guide will teach you how to crawl in Minecraft Bedrock.

How to Crawl in Minecraft

Players can crawl in the Minecraft Bedrock edition by entering the swimming animation provided in the game. To activate this, you only need to enter and exit the water — swimming into the hole you wish to crawl through. Follow the steps below to start crawling quickly and easily.

  1. Build two blocks of slabs on top of each other.
  2. Add water to the two slab blocks with a water bucket.
  3. Walk into the water to start swimming.
  4. Swim towards the entrance where you would like to crawl through.

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The entrance where you would like to crawl through has to be one block high, and the swimming animation will continue until you reach the end of the block. So if you want to crawl for a great distance, you must create a corridor one block high in a straight line.

This is essentially a glitch but a great way to crawl through secret entrances and get inside the structure. Unfortunately, this glitch is the only possible way to crawl currently. We hope Mojang Studios will eventually add a way to crawl in the Bedrock edition that doesn’t require the swimming animation.

How to Make a Water Bucket in Minecraft

Creating a water bucket boils down to gathering the proper materials. To create a water bucket in Minecraft, players must acquire three Iron Ingots — which can be obtained by smelting Iron Ore in a furnace. Next, arrange the three Iron Ingots on the crafting table in a V-shape. Once you have the Iron Ingots in the proper order, you will notice a water bucket appear — drag and drop it into your inventory.

- This article was updated on July 13th, 2023

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