How to Create a Fall Guys Creative Map – Tips and Tricks

Here's how to build the Fall Guys Creative map of your dreams.

by Drew Kopp
Image: Mediatonic

The fourth season of Fall Guys has introduced a new level editor mode known as Fall Guys Creative, allowing players to create, test, and share original maps. While Fall Guys Creative isn’t nearly as complex as the creative modes featured in other games, there are still a few things that players looking to build the ultimate Fall Guys map will want to know before they let their imagination take the wheel. Here are a few tricks and tips on how to create a Fall Guys Creative map.

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Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Once you’ve booted up Fall Guys, all you have to do to access Fall Guys Creative is scroll over to the wrench icon on the main menu. Once you’re in, click the “Create New” option to begin a new map. After you select the Theme of your map and what Mode it can be played on, you’ll be taken to the level editing screen. While you can only create maps for Race Mode right now, Mediatonic has confirmed that the ability to build levels that can be played in the game’s other modes will be added soon.

Once you’ve entered the map editor, you’ll probably notice the Checklist in the top-right corner. Like many other level editors, Fall Guys Creative requires your map to have a few features before you can share it online. Regardless of what you put between them, your map won’t be considered complete until it has a Start and Finish line, and you’ll have to run through the map yourself before you unleash it on other players.

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On the opposite side of the Checklist is the Budget Bar, which shows how much “space” is left on your map. Every asset in Fall Guys Creative costs a bit of your budget, and you won’t be able to add anything else to your level once your budget has reached 1000. While 1000 is a generous cap, you’ll want to hammer down which features are essential to your map and implement them before your budget constraints catch up to you.

The level assets in Fall Guys Creative are broken into five categories: Platforms, Blocks and Barriers, Moving Surfaces, Obstacles, and Decorations. Each of these five categories features iconic level assets that Fall Guys players know and love (or loathe), including Conveyor Belts, Spinning Hammers, and Floating Cannons. Each level asset can be resized and comes with a wide selection of aesthetic customizations, allowing you to give your map a distinct look.

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While Fall Guys Creative allows you to build almost any map you can imagine, players who want their creations to appeal to their peers will want to consider ways to maximize their level’s memorability. Before you design yet another long stretch of road littered with obstacles, think about if you can challenge players by creating unusual pairings of platforms and obstacles You may also want to consider using the game’s bouncy physics engine to design dynamic levels that force players to build up the momentum needed to clear hazards without losing their balance.

- This article was updated on May 10th, 2023

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