How to Win Every Round in Fall Guys | Tips & Strategies for Every Game Type

Time to get winning all of the rounds!

by Gordon Bicker

Fall Guys has many rounds and game types to indulge yourself in playing. Of course, many players will be wanting to get the most amount of wins that they can possibly achieve in quick succession. This is where knowing strategies and tips for every game type will be of vital importance. Before you try and find out if there’s a way you can get around skill-based matchmaking read through this article first. We’ll take you through how to win every round in Fall Guys focusing on tips for each game type.

Tips to Win Every Round in Fall Guys


Race — Get Your Bean On the Move!

One of the most well-known game types — races are all about getting to the finish line faster than other people. One of the most important tips people can take with them when playing through these rounds is to always take advantage of a well-timed dive when you can. If there is something that you have to jump from platform to platform, try a dive when in the middle of the jump and you can propel yourself forward a bit. At the time it may not seem like it’ll do much but it can help a whole lot. Equally so with using ‘Grabs’ to pull yourself up ledges.

Furthermore, if there is a race round you enter with see-saw-like structures, never jump on them when there are already more than 7-8 beans on one single side. It will landslide anyone off the see-saw thanks to how physics works. The best strategy for those sorts of race rounds is patience and timing. If it is leveling out and there is an opportunity to jump to it, make the jump.

Slime and conveyor hills can be a difficult obstacle for anyone if someone doesn’t know how to climb them correctly. The most important tip is to not jump while climbing up them. Jumping on slime hills is going to move you at a much slower speed and you’ll end up lower down the hill than you were before. All in all, with race game types you just need to have the determination and a lot of skill on your side to get through obstacles quickly.


Hunt — A Good Hunt is All About Strategy and Taking Risks

Whether you are trying to hold onto penguins running around a map or jumping on lit buttons to get points, hunts can be a lot of fun. If the specific round tasks you with holding onto something for a set amount of time then be sure to stick to the edges of the map but alternate when required. Equally, if you are being chased by someone very close then do not fear. When they are just about to grab you to steal the item you’re carrying, jump up into the air and move directly over their heads. It will leave them distracted for a split second and give you the opportunity to escape unscathed.

As for other types of Hunt rounds such as jumping on the buttons, speed is one of the most important factors. People sometimes try and focus on grabbing others to stop them from reaching key areas but by the time someone does that others may have already qualified. In turn, one of the most important tips is to keep on the move. Along with this, utilize gravity field zones if there are any, these will allow you to dive out of them to get even more airtime going toward the next location.


Team — Teamwork Makes the Dreams of Beans Work

A multiplayer game focused on wipeout-style gameplay wouldn’t be complete without some team games. This is where rounds such as ‘Fall Ball’ and ‘Jinxed’ are all about teamwork and discipline to work together fully. Some tips for the team game type is to always ensure you are focusing on the objective and not getting distracted by some smaller quarrels happening between the teams in different parts of the map.

For rounds like ‘Jinxed’ where tag is basically the game mode be sure to run around near your other team members. This is because when enemy teams are trying to grab onto you they may instead accidentally hold one of your team instead allowing you to slip away.

On the other hand, with the team version of ‘Hoopsie Daisy’ where you have to jump through hoops to score points — strategy becomes even more important. Moving around blocks by grabbing and pushing them is extremely vital. Move these blocks to near floating hoops focusing on gold ones when you can. You need a lot of height to jump through hoops so the block will assist with that. However, when you do jump for a hoop, dive with your character and this will allow you to jump through the hoops even quicker.


Survival — Who Thought Looking Adorable and Surviving Would be So Easy?

When you know you may be encountering Spongebob skins in Fall Guy matches, winning games to level up even faster along a battle pass will be important to you. In turn, playing a lot of matches will have you placed in an abundance of survival rounds. They have been a staple of the game since its launch and that is of no surprise thanks to the shenanigans and chaos rounds of this type can cause.

With survival rounds such as ‘Roll Out’ where you are on a moving cylindrical platform, one of the best tips is to always ride out a roll for as long as you can before jumping somewhere else. If there is a lot of safe surface area on a particular area of the cylinder be sure to stay there for longer. When you are getting closer to the pink slime and/or about to fall off, quickly jump over to another cylinder.

Many players will also be familiar with rounds where you get objects fired at you like in ‘Big Shots.’ A tip for these types of rounds is to mostly stick to the corners of the map and move when you feel is necessary. This is whenever an object is directly heading toward you. Generally, most objects will be fired in and around the center areas meaning that if you are at the sides there is a better chance of not being hit right away. At times you will have to indeed make your way to the center in order to avoid some more of the bigger objects.


Logic — First Class in Bean Logic

There are only two types of Logic rounds in Fall Guys and these are ‘Perfect Match’ and ‘Sum Fruit.’ For Perfect Match the best tips are to keep an eye on where the most amount of players rush to after a timer ends. Memorize the tile arrangement as much as you can while the timer is running but afterward make your way to where the majority of players are. However, if you know in your heart that there is a certain type of chosen fruit at another tile, follow your gut with it as sometimes others can lead people astray in this mode. Though generally, they will all be going to the right tiles.

Sum Fruit is a lot more difficult than Perfect Match to win. You need to count all the fruit that gets dropped into the map and then go to a tile that indicates the fruit that there were more of. There is a bigger element of danger in this mode because of the slime that moves upwards after letting you count the fruit that gets dropped in. One of the most important tips is to stick to high ground even when counting the fruit because there will be less risk for you.

Although, another tip is to use something like your phone or a notepad to manually count the fruit. This leads to less risk as people tend to not get the answer correct as much compared to Perfect Match. Always follow your own thoughts with this mode whenever you can.


Final — The Winner Takes the Crown Swiftly

Final rounds are the ultimate pairing of skill and dedication for any player. There are both races and survival modes that can be randomly chosen from the pool of final rounds. Most players will run into ‘Hex-A-Gone’ and ‘Fall Mountain’ the most for a final round. The best strategy for Hex-A-Gone is to take things slowly. A good rule of thumb is to stand on a single hexagon for two to three seconds before jumping to another one. There is no rush and if you are slowly moving across all of them then you will be the one at the top for longer. Further, make use of dives when you need to bridge large gaps between clusters of hexagons.

For final rounds that have a race like ‘Fall Mountain’, stick to the less trodden path that isn’t clustered with players. This is because the more players that are around, the more you are likely to accidentally bump into them and slow yourself down. When you do reach the crown, always remember to jump and grab it to win.

All in all, with final rounds one of the most important things to recall is to always focus on yourself and not sabotage other players. If you try to sabotage others there is a higher chance of you accidentally messing up and not winning the round. Keep in mind all of the other tips for race and survival game modes.

As can be observed, there is a whole host of game types to master and with new versions of round types getting added with certain events and seasons, you need to keep on your toes. With these tips, you can be dashing through any of the maps in no time and mastering the ways of being a true bean in the moshpit of Fall Guys.

Fall Guys is available now for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

- This article was updated on November 7th, 2022

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