How to Disarm Enemies in Spiderman 2

Learn how to disarm enemies in Spider-Man 2!

by Christian Bognar
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One of the best moves in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is disarming your opponent so they can gun you down. If you’re having trouble pulling this move off, we’ve got you covered, as this guide will explain how to disarm enemies in Spider-Man 2.

Can You Disarm Enemies in Spider-Man 2?

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To disarm enemies in Spider-Man 2, you must first unlock the Parry Disarm skill in the shared skill tree between Miles and Peter. Unfortunately, players must unlock the skill “Slingshot Launch” before Parry Disarm becomes available on the right side of the skill tree.

Once you unlock the Parry Disarm skill, you only need to parry an enemy’s attack with L1. Right before an enemy lands his shot, press L1, and you will disarm them.

Players can also unlock Web Whip, another skill in the shared skill tree between Miles and Peter, that disarms enemies through the use of a web. Using Web Whip is easy; all you need to do is hold the triangle button to attach a web to an enemy’s weapon, then tap R1 to disarm and whip the weapon back to the enemy, dealing damage to them.

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The Web Whip skill becomes available on the left-hand side of the skill tree after unlocking the Slingshot Launch skill.

Unlocking the Parry Disarm and Web Whip skills will allow Miles and Peter to disarm enemies from afar and close range.

Which Disarm Skill is Best?

If you are unsure which skill to unlock first, go for Web Whip before Parry Disarm. I have found that the Web Whip skill has gotten me out of many challenging situations where enemies were shooting at me from afar, and I was trying to focus on enemies closer to me but was having trouble. Web Whip solved this issue for me, allowing me to disarm the gunners and bring my attention back to the enemies in my face.

- This article was updated on October 24th, 2023

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