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How to Earn Gold Bars Fast in Fortnite Season 8: Best Ways to Earn Gold Bars

Stock up on Gold Bars in Season 8.
Fortnite Season 8

With Fortnite – Season 8, both new and old have merged together. After Season 7’s mothership crash, returning figures in the Fortnite world such as “The Cube” are present once more, to new Venom and Carnage skins in partnership with Marvel Entertainment being added. With the new season and a ton of new content in the latest battle pass, also comes a form of currency known as “Gold Bars”. Below you can find out how to acquire them and what your shiny collectibles can also be spent on in the Battle Royale world.

Earning and Spending Gold Bars

There are a few ways of earning Fortnite’s main currency in-game. First off is simply eliminating other opponents and collecting the reward you receive for killing them, something that is easily achievable to all. Secondly, there are bounty boards placed all over the island, completing these set objectives rewards you with gold bars to spend, making sure you complete the bounty beforehand of course. Thirdly, the most simple of all, looting and gaining materials also acquires Gold for you to collect.


Breaking items such as Golden Chests and Beds are just one example, although this isn’t the most entertaining, doing so rewards you thoroughly. Using these three points altogether will undoubtedly speed up the gold gaining process massively. Collecting enough of the island’s most sought-after currency allows you to purchase various bonuses throughout the world.

Certain NPC’s located in “Mount Kay’s Weather Station” and “Bony Burbs’s Gas Station” allow you to purchase items that can reveal the next storm circle in your game, a rather helpful bonus to have. Furthermore, there are other randomly placed NPC’s who help you discover hidden chests more easily. The biggest and best option at your disposal are the exotic weapons characters sell in return for Gold. These weapons can help give you an edge in combat, and ultimately, help you score that all-important Victory Royale.

Fortnite is available now on Playstation 5, Playstation 4, Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, PC, and mobile devices.

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