How to Earn XP Fast in The Finals | Best Ways to Rank Up Season Level

Are you trying to earn XP quickly in The Finals?

by Gordon Bicker
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THE FINALS has a lot in store for players who decide they want to earn a lot of XP in the game thanks to the various rewards on offer. However, there will be players wanting to know what the most effective strategies are for XP farming. This article will take you through everything you need to know about how to earn XP fast in The Finals.

Best Ways to Earn XP Fast in The Finals

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The best way to earn XP quickly in The Finals is to complete as many Weekly Contracts (challenges) as you can. These reward an extreme amount of XP for the time required and are higher than those found in the Daily Contracts category. However, Daily Contracts are the second-best method of gaining XP quickly as they are easy to complete. Seasonal Contracts reward the highest XP but they take the longest to complete so aren’t the quickest method.

Don’t forget about the Milestone “Bonus” Contracts in the Daily and Weekly Contract categories too which can reward further experience for completing a set number of Contracts from those lists. We have written a breakdown of each Contract category’s XP at the time of writing for you to refer to.

Contract CategoryIndividual Contract Challenge XPCombined Full XP Total (Including Bonus Contracts)

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Playing the game in general and winning/completing matches will of course reward you with some nice XP but Contracts are the quickest way to earn XP fast. I would recommend keeping a note (on paper or otherwise) of what seasonal challenges you plan on completing. This way you can easily know what task(s) you need to focus on within matches.

What is Season Level in The Finals? Explained

Season Level is simply tied to the Battle Pass in the game and it keeps track of what level you are in the Season. XP is added toward this total, so that’s why gathering a lot of it quickly is vital to you getting some great rewards. When you rank up in a Season Level, you will gain “VRs,” the currency you use to buy tier rewards from the battle pass you unlock — I thought this was a strange system at first.

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There is also a Premium Battle Pass that players can purchase if they’d like some extra rewards from the Battle Pass but it should be noted you will still need to buy those rewards with VRs. Nonetheless, over time you will have plenty of VRs to spend on some excellent cosmetics that are part of the Battle Pass in The Finals.

- This article was updated on June 16th, 2023

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