How to Fix Low FPS in The Finals

The Finals

by Gordon Bicker
Image: Embark Studios

The Finals has been getting plenty of players venturing to its action-packed arenas — except some have been drowning in low FPS issues rather than in kills. Whether they have been playing since the Alpha or have just picked up the game recently; those affected will be looking for solutions. This article will take you through how to fix low FPS in The Finals.

Fixing Low FPS in The Finals

One of the best ways to fix The Final’s low FPS issues is to adjust the game’s visual/graphic settings. One of your first point-of-calls for sorting the FPS is to turn “V-Sync” in the “Display and Resolution” settings to be disabled. With some luck, you should notice an improvement in FPS. Further, you can try following the steps listed below to fix potential issues even further.

  1. Turn AMD FSR2 Quality to a lower setting than it is currently at. Find this in the Display and Resolution section.
  2. In the “Quality” section of the menu — turn the Overall Quality Level to medium or lower as this could help a lot with FPS.

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Adjusting the settings above is going to be your best chance at solving any of the main FPS concerns you were having. Another possible solution is to update your drivers if they need an update. This may greatly help you in fixing the FPS.

Are Low FPS Issues Common in The Finals?

Since most of the game’s settings are turned to the highest quality from the get-go — players on lower-end machines may quickly notice low FPS. This means that the issues are indeed common for a number of the player base. With the fixes throughout this article; you hopefully shouldn’t run into too many other times where FPS drops a lot.

Nonetheless, it is definitely something to keep a watch over when playing the game. Since a low FPS will make a game feel sluggish to play; fixing FPS is essential for an enjoyable playthrough.

- This article was updated on March 15th, 2023