How to Evolve the Night Sword in Vampire Survivors

The evolved Night Sword enables critical hits and a combo finisher.

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
Image: Attack of the Fanboy

Are you wondering how to evolve the Night Sword in Vampire Survivors? The Night Sword weapon is from the Legacy of Moonspell DLC in Vampire Survivors. You must unlock it by finding it in Mt. Moonspell. It is also the starting weapon of Megalo Syuuto Moonspell. Like other weapons in Vampire Survivors, you can evolve the Night Sword into Muramasa to make it even more powerful. Here is how to evolve the Night Sword in Vampire Survivors.

How to get Muramasa in Vampire Survivors

The Night Sword can be evolved into Muramasa by getting the Night Sword and Stone Mask to the max level. The max level for the Night Sword is level 8 and the Stone Mask is level 5.

Here are the benefits of evolving the Night Sword in Vampire Survivors to Muramasa:

  • Base Damage: The base damage of Muramasa is double that of the Night Sword.
  • Cooldown: The cooldown interval of the passive is lowered, but the amount of slashes is also lowered.
  • Healing: 10% chance to heal 1 point upon killing an enemy. This is ten times more effective than the healing provided by the Night Sword.
  • Finisher: Every fifth slash is vertical, which hits enemies in a big area.

After maxing out the Night Sword and Stone mask, you can evolve to the Muramasa by opening the next Treasure Chest.

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Which Arcanas Should I Use With Muramasa?

Three Arcanas work well with Muramasa:

  • Sarabande of Healing VI: The healing of Muramasa is now 2 points of health. Therefore, the Muramasa will also deal pulse damage for the same amount when triggered.
  • Slash XVI: Increases the critical hit damage of Muramasa to four times damage.
  • Divine Bloodline IX: Your Max Health is increased by 0.5 anytime Muramasa kills an enemy with a retaliatory attack.

These Arcanas are essential because the Muramasa slowly drains your Survivor’s health while being used.

- This article was updated on April 13th, 2023

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