All Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolutions from Tales of the Foscari DLC

Here's how to evolve all new weapons from the latest DLC!

by Matthew Kevin Mitchell
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Are you looking for the ultimate guide with all Vampire Survivors weapon evolutions from Tales of the Foscari DLC? The latest Vampire Survivors DLC added 13 weapons to the popular roguelike game. Like all other weapons in the game, most new DLC weapons can be evolved into more powerful ones. However, you must know what passive items you must level to the max to use as the catalyst. Here are all weapon evolutions from Tales of the Foscari DLC in Vampire Survivors.

All Tales of the Foscari DLC Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolutions

Out of the 13 new weapons added to Vampire Survivors, you can evolve seven to a more powerful version. You must level the base weapon plus a matching passive item to the max level. The only exception to this process is with the Spellstrom evolved weapon, a Union instead of an Evolution.

Here are all weapon evolutions in Vampire Survivors: Tales of the Foscari DLC:

  • SpellString/SpellStream/SpellStrike: You can unite the SpellString, SpellStrick, and SpellStream into the Spellstrom when all three are at max level, which is level 6.
  • Eskizzibur: You can evolve Eskizzibur into Legionnaire by getting Eskizzbiur to its max level, 8, and by getting the Armor passive item to max level, 5.
  • Flash Arrow: You can evolve Flash Arrow into Millionaire by getting Flash Arrow to max level 8 and Bracer and Clover passive items to max level 5.
  • Prismatic Missile: You can evolve Prismatic Missile into the Luminaire item by leveling Prismatic Missile to max level 8 and Crown passive item to max level 5.
  • Shadow Servant: You can evolve Shadow Servant into Ophion by leveling Shadow Servent to max level, 8, and Skull O’Maniac passive item to max level, 5.

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For all weapon evolutions, you must open the next available Treasure Chest after following the above steps to trigger the evolution.

- This article was updated on April 15th, 2023

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