How to Farm Poke Balls Fast in Pokemon GO

Catch 'em all with as many Poke Balls as you need

by Caleb Stultz


The number one aspect of Pokemon GO is catching Pokemon. That simple fact alone has brought millions of players to the popular mobile game since its creation. For those who want more Poke Balls to catch more Pokemon in Pokemon GO, players will want to look to this guide to find out the fastest methods of getting them. There are a few major ways to get Poke Balls fast in Pokemon GO. In this guide, we will show you how to farm Poke Balls fast in Pokemon GO.

Poke Ball Farming in Pokemon GO

Here are some quick methods to farm Poke Balls fast in Pokemon GO:

  • The Shop (Free): Be sure to check the Pokemon GO shop daily for free gifts of Poke Balls and other items from Niantic, especially during events.
  • The Shop (Paid): Pokemon trainers can buy bundles of Poke Balls by using PokeCoins.
  • Field Research Tasks: Different tasks that are brought to trainers will reward them with special items like rare berries to Poke Balls for catching new and exciting Pokemon. Complete as many of these tasks as you can to get as many prizes as possible.
  • Spinning Poke Stops: This is the most obvious method but being in a spot with lots of Poke Stops means more opportunities for Poke Balls. Refresh rates for these stops take several minutes so be sure to hit a few before going back to the start of your trail.
  • Gifts: Sharing means caring. By sharing more gifts with your friends, you will get more Poke Balls as free potential rewards.

These strategies also work for obtaining stronger versions of Poke Balls such as Great Balls and Ultra Balls. These will be much rarer than the standard Poke Balls, however, so you won’t get as many.

How to Unlock New Poke Balls

After you have unlocked the Poke Ball, you will want to keep leveling up to get better Balls to catch more difficult Pokemon. Here are the level requirements for better Poke Balls in Pokemon GO:

Poke Ball: Unlock Level: 1

  • Default Ball with a modifier of x1 catch rate.

Great Ball: Unlock Level: 12

  • Upgraded version of the Pokeball with a modifier of x1.5 catch rate.

Ultra Ball: Unlock Level: 20

  • Even more upgraded version of the Great Ball with a modifier of x2 catch rate.

Master Ball: Unlock Level: 30

  • The best Poke Ball in the game. This ball has no catch modifier because it can catch any Pokemon with a 100% catch success rate.

Plenty of Pokemon are being added to the game with each update. This means stocking up now more than ever on Poke Balls to catch ’em all. Use these methods above to stock up fast. Be sure to keep plenty in your bag as you hunt down those elusive shiny Pokemon as well.

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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