How to Farm Scrap Fast in Remnant 2

Use these methods to farm Scrap fast in Remnant 2.

by Christian Bognar
How to Farm Scrap Fast in Remnat 2
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Scrap is an essential resource in Remnant 2, where you need it to purchase pretty much anything at Ward 13. While players can find Scrap anywhere around the game’s worlds, the cost of the items for purchase in Ward 13 is very steep. Don’t worry; there are ways to get this resource quickly. Here is how you can farm Scrap in Remnant 2.

Quick Ways to Farm Scrap in Remnant 2

There are four main ways to farm Scrap quickly in Remnant 2. These methods include, killing enemies, opening chests, selling items, and replaying levels in Adventure Mode. Read further to learn more about these methods of farming Scraps in Remnant 2.

Scrap Farming Method #1 – Kill Every Enemy

Killing enemies is the most straightforward way to get many Scraps. Every time you kill an enemy, they will more likely than not drop some Scraps for you to pick up and add to your inventory. This is why it is essential to search every inch of every level, killing every enemy along the way. This way, you’ll end the level with the highest amount of Scrap possible.

Scrap Farming Method #2 – Explore Everywhere and Open Chests

Opening chests goes hand in hand with my previous point — search every inch of every level. Throughout all the levels in Remnant 2, you’ll come across treasure chests that contain a large number of Scraps for your purchasing and upgrading needs. Bonus points are that these chests also contain other valuable items for upgrades. As you get close to a chest, a yellow indicator will appear on your mini-map, making it easy to find.

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Scrap Farming Method #3 – Sell Items

As you play through Remnant 2, you’ll collect many items you’ll find that you don’t want. Whether this is because you don’t want to craft the Mod with a material or you don’t use a lot of consumables, there are items you simply won’t need. Going to any vendor and selling any item you don’t want or use is a great way to get Scraps quickly. There have been times when I have sold items in my inventory and got upward of 4,000 Scraps in one sitting.

Scrap Farming Method #4 – Adventure Mode

Adventure Mode is arguably the best way to farm Scraps, as everything resets for the level, including bosses, which offer the highest number of Scraps. Adventure Mode will reroll a specific level, allowing you to play through it again without impacting your current progress in the story. Rushing through Adventure Mode repeatedly is a great way to come away with a large sum of Scraps, as you can find chests, waves of enemies, and bosses. Players can unlock Adventure Mode once they complete that specific level.

Where Should You Spend Your Scraps in Remnant 2?

The best way to spend Scraps, especially in the early game, is upgrading weapons by visiting Rigs in Ward 13. The game continuously gets more difficult as you progress, so it’s necessary that your guns can take on the challenge.

The second focus for your Scraps spending should be purchasing Relic Upgrades from Wallace in Ward 13. Doing so will allow you to carry more Relics, which can make a huge difference when fighting the game’s brutal bosses.

It’s also wise to buy consumables from Dr. Norah in Ward 13, who offers a good supply of consumables that help with status effects. Whether the effect is Cursed, Bleeding, Corroded, or other — Dr. Norah is your go-to woman.

- This article was updated on July 25th, 2023

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