How to Farm Ship Kills in Starfield

This guide will cover how to farm ship kills in Starfield.

by Christian Bognar
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A few perks in the Tech Skill Tree of Starfield require players to destroy ships to rank up. These include the Targeting Control System and Piloting, each important for becoming a master space pirate. Besides leveling up perks, killing ships can lead to valuable and rare loot. The problem is that ships can be hard to find. This guide will cover how to farm ship kills in Starfield.

Where Can You Farm Ship Kills in Starfield?

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The absolute best way to farm ship kills in Starfield is by joining the UC Vanguard. Players can join the UC Vanguard by speaking to Commander Tuola in the Mast Tower in the Mast District of New Atlantis. Commander Tuola is found right inside the lobby behind the main desk.

Once speaking to Commander Tuola, complete the first mission for the UC Vanguard and take the Pilot Simulation test. Afterward, you will unlock infinite access to the Pilot Simulator. The Pilot Simulator is the go-to spot for farming ship kills, where all the kills go towards leveling up your skills for your ship. You can easily find the Pilot Simulator by riding the elevator in the main lobby of Mast Tower.

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The Pilot Simulator will put you up against waves of enemy ships, which are relatively easy, making this spot even better. Keep in mind that you won’t be able to use your ship during the simulation and instead will have to use the default UC Vanguard Simulation ship.

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Farm Ship Kills for Loot in Starfield

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If you want to farm ship kills and receive a ton of loot, you will want to visit The Rock in Akila City. Here, you can join the Freestar Rangers and use the mission board near the bar in The Rock, where there are missions you can take on. Focus on the tasks labeled “Crimson Fleet,” where a waypoint will bring you to an area for space combat.

Some of Crimson Fleet missions are primarily ship combat, while others are ship combat, landing, and completing another objective. So remember that some may take long to complete, while others can be very fast and great for farming.

After destroying the ships during the Crimson Fleet missions, feel free to fly within 500 meters of the wrecked ships and loot their valuable goods.

- This article was updated on September 28th, 2023

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