How to Fill Fable Arts Meter Fast in Lies of P

This guide will teach you how to fill up the Fable Arts meter fast in Lies of P.

by Christian Bognar
How to Fill Fable Arts Meter in Lies of P
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In order to beat the challenging bosses of Lies of P, you will need to learn how to stagger. The best way to stagger enemies in the game is by using Fable Arts, which are abilities attached to the handle and the weapon itself. First, you need to fill up the Fable Arts meter. This guide explores how to fill up the Fable Arts meter fast in Lies of P so you can use your abilities more often.

Ways to Fill the Fable Arts Meter Quickly in Lies of P

There are a few ways to quickly fill up the Fable Arts meter in Lies of P. The first way is by landing attacks on your enemies. Each time you strike an opponent, your Fable Arts meter will recharge, meaning you should always try to play the offensive and aggressively. Perfect blocking and attacking right afterward when the enemy is stunned will have you filling up the meter in no time.

The second way is to unlock “Perfect Guard Fable Charge Enhance 1” on the P-Organ skill tree. When you have this unlocked you’ll want to utilize the “perfect” block mechanic as much as possible, as each perfect block will now fill the Fable Arts meter significantly. A perfect block is when you press the block button at the exact same time an enemy hits you. It can be hard to master the timing for this, so if you’re having trouble, make sure to practice against the dummies in the courtyard at Hotel Krat.

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Lastly, the fastest way to fill up your Fable Arts meter is by using the “Fable Catalyst” item. Each time you use a Fable Catalyst, one section of your meter will fill up, meaning you’ll need three in total (or more depending on your build) to fill up your meter. Fable Catalyst is a very common item, with enemies constantly dropping them, so you should be able to find it easily.

Eventually, you’ll be able to purchase Fable Catalysts from various merchants and always have access to them. They don’t cost a lot of Ergo either, usually falling around the 300 range.

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