How to Find Rotjaw in Hunt Showdown

This guide will cover how to find Rotjaw in Hunt: Showdown.

by Christian Bognar
Hunt Showdown Tide of Shadows Rotjaw location
Image: Crytek

Hunt Showdown Tide of Shadows event brings a brand new boss to find, which is ferocious. The boss’s name is “Rotjaw,” and it is an enormous crocodile-like enemy that will require some dedication to defeat. The way players can find it is a little different than past bosses, so that is why we are here to help. This guide will cover how to find Rotjaw in Hunt Showdown.

Hunt Showdown Rotjaw Location

With the Tide of Shadows event becoming available, it’s no wonder why players want to hunt down the new boss Rotjaw as quickly as possible. To find Rotjaw in Hunt: Showdown, it boils down to the time of day and where it likes to lurk. Unlike other bosses, it is not found in the compound. Instead, players can discover Rotjaw near and around the water areas of the map. It’s also important to know that this terrifying boss only appears at specific times of the day — Thundershower, Serpeant’s Night, and Night.

To help you find Rotjaw during the times of day mentioned earlier, you will discover “Rotjaw Traces.” Interact with the Rotjaw Traces, and it will point you in the direction of Rotjaw’s current location, making it easier to find the boss. Keep following the clues from the Rotjaw Traces, and you will come across the crocodile in no time!

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How to Beat Rotjaw in Hunt: Showdown

Rotjaw will surprise you immediately by jumping out of the water with a vicious bite. Dodge this bite as quickly as possible, and rain as many bullets as possible into Rotjaw while it is vulnerable. Continue to dodge Rotjaw’s attacks as best as possible and shoot when you find an opening.

The boss’s moves can be challenging to read, so be patient and learn the crocodile’s moves before going gun blazing. I recommend using the “Drilling” weapon, a rifle with three barrels — 2x rifle barrels plus 1x Shotgun barrel. It does severe damage and is perfect for this tough crocodile.

- This article was updated on July 3rd, 2023

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